well how about that?

things have been a little weird in my circle of friends since the breakup of a couple who were together for quite a few years. one of them is involved with another woman now, and it’s caused some issues with a few people. the new couple went on the camping trip this weekend, and the other half of the former couple decided not to come along (did you follow that?), which i think made the birthday girl a little unhappy. what can you do? i certainly understand her reasons for not coming. if i was her i don’t know that i would have been able to either. there is another couple who is very close with the other half and also didn’t come on the trip, which my wife and i attributed at least in part to the breakup and the discomfort caused by the whole situation. well, this weekend we found out the real reason: they’re pregnant.

they’ve been trying off and on for a very long time, even going through the adoption process and getting as far as driving halfway to another city to meet their baby, only to have to make the call that they wouldn’t be able to come up with the $15,000 to complete the process and turning around–made all the more painful by the mother’s insistence that she didn’t want any other couple, she only wanted them. needless to say i’m thrilled for them.

this makes the second couple i know in as many weeks that i’ve found out about. my ex and her husband are also pregnant, which is very exciting. her husband always jokes that our kid is going to beat up their kid, so one of the first things she told me was that we need to get on it so ours is big enough. i can only hope.


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