at the dentist

my dentist has a wonderful receptionist that i adore. she’s so kind and always calls me “sweetie,” which i don’t always like but from her i find it wonderfully endearing. she recently battled stage four ovarian cancer and is back to work with a clean bill of health, so after my appointment i made sure to stop and tell her how glad i was to see her.

we set up my next appointment for late january and started chatting. i made a cryptic comment to her about hopefully having some news the next time i was in, and she immediately lit up. we talked around it for a little while, and then she asked who was carrying and if my parents were excited (they go to the same office). she is so happy for us starting this adventure. we ended up talking for about half an hour about everything. she told me that if i found out anything before that she’d love to hear about it, and she’ll keep us in her thoughts. maybe it’s a little silly, but it made me feel really good to talk to her about it and know that there are people out there pulling for us. i mean, i know there are; my parents and our sisters are so excited that we’re at the point we are, and our friends are supportive as always. we even have people we’ve never met that are rooting for us. for some reason this hit me a little differently. i hope i have occasion to call her before january.


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