let’s get back to babies, shall we?

one week from now we’ll be sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for her to call us back and really get started with this process. i must admit i’m a bit nervous. i’m not really sure what to expect, which is a big part of the problem. we’re just going to our family doctor so she can refer us elsewhere, but i’m not sure when we’ll get in to the other place or how long it will take, if we’ll be able to actually start in august like we hoped or have to wait until september, when we may not be able to due to timing and the firefly being in detroit for a week for work, which of course would be right around the time she’d need to be here if she stays on schedule.

she’s been temping regularly for three or four months now, so we’ve got a good baseline to start from–although her third shift work schedule and constantly changing sleep schedule makes it a distinct possibility that all of those charts are just an unreadable mess. hell, it’s an unreadable mess for her anyway and i only have a slightly firmer grasp on it. i’m sure the doctor will have a much better understanding of all that stuff.

i spent a bit more time looking at the donor list, although i still have a lot more narrowing to do. i’ll be interested to see who she narrows it down to on her list. we’re not worrying about setting up a nursery or anything like that until we actually have some news, although we have talked about possibilities for what we’d do.  the prevailing plan at the moment is to combine offices and move my things into hers, turn my office into a guest room, and turn the current guest/exercise/storage room into the nursery. it’s right next door to our bedroom and the other two rooms are off of the dining room. we’ll see what happens!

alright, enough rambling for now…


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