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again! again!

I’m all alone tonight since the Firefly is working overtime. Would it be terrible of me to have a few drinks by my lonesome? Hmm…

We had a great time at the theme park yesterday. I went on more rides yesterday than I have in my entire life, I think. I’m such a chicken when it comes to that kind of thing. Now I can say I’ve been on the world’s longest and second-longest wooden roller coasters. Although if we go back I am never riding that son of a beast again! It was awesome because the lines were incredibly short. It rained not long after we got there, but it cleared up pretty quickly. Most of the rides were closed at first because of it, but after waiting in long lines for the first few we barely had to wait for anything. I can’t believe I even went on any after the first one. It was indoors so it was the only one open, and when I asked Firefly if it went upside down she said no, but she lied! That thing went upside down four times! I was screaming the whole time, and she was just laughing hysterically. She claims she forgot that it went upside down and how long it was, but I’m not so sure… There were a few that I refused to go on, but we went on one of the rides twice in a row because it was really short and there was no wait. Next weekend: another park, another set of rides.

And now for some baby stuff. Even though we’re not starting until the next cycle she’s going to go ahead and use OPKs just to see. I don’t think it’ll make much difference as we’re having to go the medical route anyway, but we’ve got some so why not? My mom talked to my brother and sister-in-law last weekend about where we are in the process. They had a bit of advice for us about things to think about while we’re narrowing down our donor. We need to really sit down and go over them and make the final decision. We’ve only got a few weeks left really to make it. Yikes!


I hate it when we get into stupid arguments over stupid things.

aren’t i domestic?

I made zucchini bread today while Firefly and my dad worked on the plumbing. It turned out well, although I’m not sure how well I like this recipe. I’ve also been doing the laundry I’ve been procrastinating on, in preparation for a night away tomorrow. We’re going to a theme park with some friends and staying the night. My sister is fabulous and is coming by in the evening to give the kitty her pill. I wanted to take a shower tonight, but I forgot and put another load in the wash. I’m not sure I want to stay up to wait for it, and to say that I’m bad at getting up early in the morning would be an understatement. I’ll just have to take one when I get home from work. I’m only there a half day tomorrow, assuming I can get everything done that I need to.

oh, baby.

I’ve been trying not to think too much about the predicament we will (hopefully) find ourselves in soon. I know that I will just obsess about things. How are we going to arrange the house? What furniture are we going to want? Car seats? High chair? But one of my coworkers will soon be a grandmother, and today when I stopped by her office for something she had a tiny box under her desk. Full of little clothes. Which of course she offered to show me and I, of course, obliged. Oh my goodness, they were the cutest little things! Now I just want to go look at everything and touch all the little playthings and pick out furniture and fun clothes, but most of all I just want to hold our baby in my arms.

So instead I will go give our kitty a pill and go to darts with the Firefly.

kitties and rocket science.

I’m still hard at work on math homework, although I did take a break to watch Hillary’s speech at the DNC. I need to get back to it, but what do I do instead? Come here. To post on my lame journal. Yup. Eh, who cares about polynomials and factoring squares or how long it will take a rocket to hit the ground? I suppose rocket scientists do; but I, my friends, am no rocket scientist.

We got the kitty to the vet today. She does not yet have a UTI, but she did have lots of bacteria in her bladder so one was brewing for sure. Now we get to give her pills for 10 days. Well, 9 now since the vet gave her one while we were at the office. At least we only have to do it once a day. Last time we had to do it twice. I had to do it all by myself in the mornings before I left for work. Firefly never really got the hang of it, but I was a pro by the end of it–although the cat was a pro at hiding from me. It will definitely be nice to have an extra hand to try and hold the kitty.

That last bit didn’t sound quite right, did it? Okay, back to the homework…

keeping at it.

We did a bit more in the bathroom today,  getting drywall up over the old doorway opening and quite a bit of clean up, as well as hauling some trash out. Then Firefly’s sister called to see if we wanted to go Frisbee golfing. Of course we did, so she came over and we headed out to the course with another friend of ours.

I did really well (for me at least). I was 7 over par with four holes to go, but I lost my disc and it was getting dark, so by the time we found it we had to go. I was so excited the last time we played when I came in at 5 over total for the course. It’s been my goal all year to come in less than 10 over par, and I was on course to do it for a second time in a row. It’s a shame we didn’t get started earlier. This is really boring, isn’t it?

I thought Firefly was going to call the vet today, but apparently she thought I was and by the time I got home from work and we realized that it was too late. I promised I’d call tomorrow and hopefully they’ll have something available. I’m thinking the kitty might have a urinary tract infection. She had one a long time ago and I seem to remember her acting in a similar fashion. I just hope if she needs medicine they can give us pills instead of the drops. She’s horrid to try and give them to, and at least when it’s the pills I can feel reasonably sure that she’s actually gotten them.

Now, of course, I really need to get back to my math homework. And not get distracted by a game…


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