well that was fast.

i made the consult appointment with the re on thursday afternoon and we’ve already received the welcome packet in the mail. that woman must have gotten it out as soon as we got off the phone. at least we know they’re prompt.

we went to a friend’s birthday party last night and some friends who recently had a baby were there, as well as our pregnant friend and her wife. we all talked for a while about the process. someone out there has a list of all the people we know and their donor numbers, so one of them is going to try to get it for me so we can either (a) scratch them off the list now or (b) be aware that one or more of them will be a half-sibling. probably the former. i’m not sure how i feel about using someone that we know our friends or acquaintances did, even if they’re perfect in other aspects. we already know a few numbers and i’ve marked them off of my list. the couple who just had a baby also have some of the full profiles and medical histories of donors they decided not to use. they’ve offered to forward them to us in case we’re interested, which would save us some money. i think tomorrow the firefly is planning on calling the number we were given for her insurance company to find out what, if anything, will be covered. i’m not holding my breath and am anticipating a rather costly endeavor. but i suppose that’s parenthood for you.


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