keeping at it.

We did a bit more in the bathroom today,  getting drywall up over the old doorway opening and quite a bit of clean up, as well as hauling some trash out. Then Firefly’s sister called to see if we wanted to go Frisbee golfing. Of course we did, so she came over and we headed out to the course with another friend of ours.

I did really well (for me at least). I was 7 over par with four holes to go, but I lost my disc and it was getting dark, so by the time we found it we had to go. I was so excited the last time we played when I came in at 5 over total for the course. It’s been my goal all year to come in less than 10 over par, and I was on course to do it for a second time in a row. It’s a shame we didn’t get started earlier. This is really boring, isn’t it?

I thought Firefly was going to call the vet today, but apparently she thought I was and by the time I got home from work and we realized that it was too late. I promised I’d call tomorrow and hopefully they’ll have something available. I’m thinking the kitty might have a urinary tract infection. She had one a long time ago and I seem to remember her acting in a similar fashion. I just hope if she needs medicine they can give us pills instead of the drops. She’s horrid to try and give them to, and at least when it’s the pills I can feel reasonably sure that she’s actually gotten them.

Now, of course, I really need to get back to my math homework. And not get distracted by a game…


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