again! again!

I’m all alone tonight since the Firefly is working overtime. Would it be terrible of me to have a few drinks by my lonesome? Hmm…

We had a great time at the theme park yesterday. I went on more rides yesterday than I have in my entire life, I think. I’m such a chicken when it comes to that kind of thing. Now I can say I’ve been on the world’s longest and second-longest wooden roller coasters. Although if we go back I am never riding that son of a beast again! It was awesome because the lines were incredibly short. It rained not long after we got there, but it cleared up pretty quickly. Most of the rides were closed at first because of it, but after waiting in long lines for the first few we barely had to wait for anything. I can’t believe I even went on any after the first one. It was indoors so it was the only one open, and when I asked Firefly if it went upside down she said no, but she lied! That thing went upside down four times! I was screaming the whole time, and she was just laughing hysterically. She claims she forgot that it went upside down and how long it was, but I’m not so sure… There were a few that I refused to go on, but we went on one of the rides twice in a row because it was really short and there was no wait. Next weekend: another park, another set of rides.

And now for some baby stuff. Even though we’re not starting until the next cycle she’s going to go ahead and use OPKs just to see. I don’t think it’ll make much difference as we’re having to go the medical route anyway, but we’ve got some so why not? My mom talked to my brother and sister-in-law last weekend about where we are in the process. They had a bit of advice for us about things to think about while we’re narrowing down our donor. We need to really sit down and go over them and make the final decision. We’ve only got a few weeks left really to make it. Yikes!

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