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doot doot.

So it seems that the Clo.mid may be having a bit of an effect on Firefly, but not too bad. She’s been getting hot, although I wouldn’t necessarily say hot flashes since it seems it comes on gradually and lasts for quite a while, and she was really grumpy and moody earlier today, although that didn’t seem to last too long. Thank goodness it’s not the other way around.

She got some stuff done in the bathroom earlier today with my dad, and after I got home we finished putting in the sky tube that’s like a skylight but not. It went much more smoothly than the one in the other bathroom did. One of these days I’m going to get some pictures up.

I’m trying to come up with a third biographical-type story to write the first paragraph of for one of my classes. I already have the first two and am pretty much done with them, I’m just having a hard time coming up with the last. I’m not feeling very exciting. It’s due by tomorrow at noon, so I need to get it done tonight and sent in. I should get back to it. I did get my books in the mail today, so tomorrow night I’ll be catching up on my reading. Huzzah.



One week in and school is already kicking my ass. I don’t know what I was thinking taking two writing-intensive classes in one quarter. Right now I’m working on opening paragraphs for three different short memoirs, and I’ve only come up with ideas for two of the stories. I’ve also got an assignment I’ve been working on for my other class, and I still haven’t gotten the two books I ordered in the mail yet so I’m behind on my reading. At least I was able to find the third book at a local store. My first writing assignments are due by noon on Wednesday. Ugh.

I’m also not feeling very well. My stomach is feeling funny and I had a really bad headache earlier. I took something to help that, which might be what’s making my tummy feel icky. I really just want to go to bed, but I can’t because I need to get more of my homework done first. Back to it…


My Mom called me this morning to say that the meeting of the parents went well. She said that Firefly’s parents are delightful. They talked about politics, the economy, children, and–the big one–grandchildren. Firefly has mentioned to her Mom that we intend to start trying, but hasn’t told her many of the details and they don’t know just how far along we are in the process. She hasn’t talked to her Dad directly about it, but her Mom has. The big concern they have, according to my parents, is that the child won’t have a father as a role model–which my parents told them makes Grandpas that much more important. Firefly’s parents also admitted that they allowed her brother, a fundamentalist, to influence them in the past, although they didn’t realize it at the time. This is all a big step for them.

Firefly surprised me by taking the night off. Right now she’s hanging out in the living room with her sister watching a show they like, so I thought I’d take the time to post before getting to my homework. We had a good day today. We went Fris.bee golfing and looked at tile for the bathroom. We had already picked out what we wanted, but when we went to the store by our house yesterday it was gone so we had a bit of a freak out moment. They have quite a bit in stock at the other location we visited today, so we’re going to go ahead and get it just in case.

Okay, off to do my homework so I can get back to my lovely wife.

fun and games

Firefly is working overtime so I’m on my own tonight, but we got some little projects finished in the bathroom today–odds and ends things that we hadn’t gotten to yet, like the last little connection of the new vent to the other bathroom and hooking up the exhaust fan. The concrete was poured last week for the shower base. Tomorrow we’re going to finish up a few more little things and move the heating duct.

We also spent some time running a errands and finding her script. We went to pick it up the other day from the place that called her and they only had the injection–which is bad considering she started the Clo.mid today. She called the doc back and they called it in a second time. We went to pick it up, and again it wasn’t there. Turns out they had sent it to the place she originally thought, but they had only had one in stock so they sent the injection to the other store near us. They were the ones who called to let her know that it wasn’t covered by insurance and which store it was, they just didn’t tell her that the other one was at the original store. We only discovered what had happened when they didn’t have it again today and the guy looked it up in his computer. So now we have one Clo.mid script filled, and another on file for next month I suppose. It is covered by her insurance, though, which is nice. We’ll see if she has any side effects. I’m not sure when to expect anything to show up, but so far so good.

After we finished everything we played some darts in the basement, got in a little cuddle time on the couch, and played Dr. I almost always win, but she likes to play for those occasions when she can pull out a victory. She’s so cute about it, too. She makes pouty faces and then breaks out into huge grins when she wins.

I just heard the washer telling me it’s done, so off I go to switch my laundry over and put in another load. After that, back to the books.


I have officially submitted my first two assignments for the quarter. Okay, so it was just the “introduce yourself” post on the discussion board, but still. Two down, two hundred to go! And maybe I’m a little bit prone to exaggeration on occasion. We’re actually at the apartment of a couple we’re friends with. They’re all in the other room playing Gui.tar Hero, and I’ve been watching through the doorway and figuring out what to tell a bunch of random strangers about myself. Although it turns out that one of the people in one of my classes may not be a completely random stranger, but rather a mostly-random not-quite-stranger that I’ve worked with in a roundabout way. She directed one of the short pieces that made up the last show I was in. I think. Then again, I could be wrong; It’s been known to happen. But seeing as how she mentioned the particular theatre by name and had to post a picture I don’t think so.

I should probably go into the other room and be social now that I’ve finished the assignments for today.

it’s here!

She officially started! She starts the Clo.mid on Saturday, and we already have an appointment scheduled for October 8th for an ultrasound. Eeeeee!

good and bad

Good: Firefly’s parents had never met any member of my family until this summer, when my sister Bean came along with us on a trip up to their house. My parents have tried to meet them a few times, offering to drive up or find a time to meet them when they were in town, to no avail. Well, my parents are going to be in Firefly’s hometown this weekend, so my mom emailed hers to see if they might be free to meet for brunch on Sunday. Firefly’s mom called back and left a message saying they were and they’d like to meet, so our parents are going to meet for the first time. They’re even going to church services Saturday night so they can meet earlier since my parents are driving home right afterward. Oh, and my dad is foregoing his fast for that one meal to eat with them.

Bad: I was really looking forward to a huge drag king show coming up next month. There are performers from all over the world coming in and it’s a fabulous time. This will be the tenth extravaganza, and although the first few were held here this is the first time it’ll be back in four years, and it’s likely to be quite a few more until it comes back again. Well, turns out we’re going to be out of town for the entire weekend, which I just discovered this morning when I got an email from a friend asking if we’d be willing to host some of the performers. I’m really disappointed that I’m going to miss it and that we won’t be able to host.

Good: the new quarter officially started today. Even though it’s going to kick my ass, I’m ready to get going. Just two more to go, barring any major catastrophes.

Bad: we got into a bit of an argument tonight, which always sucks.

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