our house…

Well, we’ve gotten a lot done on the plumbing and are hoping to have the rough inspection done this week, as well as the final plumbing inspection on the guest bathroom to get it over with. All the water lines are in and the water is on, and we don’t have any leaks–although we’ll be checking again tomorrow to make sure we don’t have any slow ones that may not have shown up right away. We need to pressurize the drain lines to test them, and install the shower drain pan and fill it for the inspection and we’ll be ready to go. My dad’s coming over tomorrow to work on that and hopefully we can get it all ready to go.

We’ve decided to bring our electrician back in again for the rough in rather than trying to do it ourselves. He came out today to go over some things and get a quote ready, and he’ll be in here next week while Firefly is out of town to get that done. It’s perfect timing since she sleeps during the day, so he can work without worrying about keeping her up. We’ve also decided to have him wire for an overhead light and fan in our bedroom. Right now we only have bedside lamps in there, and it’s kind of a pain in the ass. We did have an outlet that was switched, but when we took out the wiring in the bathroom the circuit got broken (there was a switch for the light in there). He’s going to disconnect those outlets from the switch so they’ll be permanently on. With the bathroom torn out he has access to the ceiling from in there and can run a wire up easily. That will be a nice upgrade.

The vanity that we ordered is in and it looks great, even sitting in the middle of Firefly’s office. We’ve got all our fixtures. We have almost all of the lighting that we need, with the exception of the light/fan for the bedroom. What fun.


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