all by my lonesome.

I dropped Firefly off for her trip this afternoon. She arrived safely and called to chat for a bit. It’s so strange how empty the house feels without her here, and she hasn’t even been gone for a day. It’s given me some time to study, if nothing else. At least tomorrow I have a bicycling class to keep me distracted for a few hours in the evening.

I need to take my math exam by Tuesday night. I’m debating on whether I should take the morning off tomorrow to do it or go on Tuesday. If I go tomorrow the testing center will be slower, which would be good, but if I wait until Tuesday I’ll have more time tomorrow night to study. I could just take a few hours off that morning and be able to talk to my boss about it beforehand, rather than just calling in. I don’t want to wait until after work because the lines will be terrible, especially given that it’s finals week, and I would run the risk of not having enough time to finish the exam before the center closes. I need to do relatively well to keep my B in the class, what with the final being worth 40% of my overall grade. I’m finishing up my last humanities assignment and should be submitting it in the next hour or so. As long as I do well on it I should have an A for the quarter, although I’m still waiting on grades for a few things so I can’t say for sure.

I bought the light/fan fixture for the bedroom on my way home from dropping Firefly off. The electrician will be here on Tuesday and probably Wednesday, and hopefully I can schedule an inspection for that while Firefly’s gone–although someone would have to be here to let the inspector in. I could probably get my dad to come over and wait for them if I ask nicely. I’ll spend the evenings cleaning, since everything is a mess right now, and I’d love for her to come home to a nice clean house and nothing to worry about.

Okay, back to the schoolwork…


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