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just when i thought

this week couldn’t get any worse.

then it did.



I subscribe to quite a few blogs. Really I’m a blog stalker, because I hardly ever comment but rest assured I’m reading. Or don’t, if the thought seems frightening to you. Some of the blogs I read are friends and acquaintances, some are photography blogs, and others I just came across and enjoyed reading, like June over at Bye Bye, Pie! because I think she is freaking hilarious and I need more levity in my life.

Another blog I like to follow is WeezerMonkey. I enjoy it because she seems cool and posts lots of fun food and concert pictures and videos (I really should do more of that picture thing. I’m working on it). Anyway, the whole point of this post is that today she posted her top 8 Reasons to Vote No on Prop 8, and I thought I would share it. Actually she posted it last night, and I saw it this morning. But that’s neither here nor there. Hope she doesn’t mind…

i need a break.

This has been a generally crappy week, but right now I’m watching hockey and my team is doing really well so that makes me happy. I’ll be even happier if they keep it up and win. I really should be doing schoolwork, but quite frankly I need a break.

My co-worker’s car battery was dead when she went to leave today, so I shut my computer down (about an hour after I was scheduled to) and stayed to jump her. The cables she had were bad, so we had to use mine which got it going pretty quickly once we switched. I guess it’s actually a good thing I worked over, otherwise I wouldn’t have been there to help her out. Monday I’m only working half the day. I’ve got to go down to the school to sign some paperwork and meet with someone about next quarter, which should be my last, and then we’ve got the US late in the afternoon. I decided it would be easier to just take the whole afternoon and do them both the same day.

When I finally got home I found Firefly and Badger hard at work on the insulation in the bathroom. They got all of the ceiling done over both bathrooms (we waited on the first one so that we could just do them both at once and not have to crawl around up there twice), and a good start on one of the walls. I believe they plan on working on it again tomorrow afternoon.I went into the bedroom a little while ago, and I’d be willing to swear that I can already feel a difference.

That was awesome to come home to, and for a reward of sorts–mostly because I’m not a cook and it wouldn’t be nice to subject her to my feeble attempts after all her hard work–I went out and got a take-and-bake pizza while Firefly showered. We ate dinner on the couch, which is pretty normal for us, and she was able to watch the first period of the game before she headed off to work.

You know what would be fun right now? Shuffleboard:

Aaaaaand we just won. Woot!

what day is it again?

I keep thinking it’s Tuesday. All day today. The only good thing about this is that I have one less day left to work this week than I thought. I haven’t been feeling great today. I was congested and sneezy at work, but it seems to have passed now. Maybe there’s something in my office that I’m allergic to. Like work. Or maybe it was the cup of coffee that I spilled all over my desk…nah, can’t be that.

How about I share a photo or two from our trip? Sound good? Okay:

And how about this one:

So lovely. This blog is kind of boring, isn’t it? I should try to post more pictures. That would make it more visually appealing. In theory, at least.

stuff stuff stuff

I got a check for my tuition reimbursement from last quarter, so I decided to open a higher yield savings account with a bit of the money. I pay my tuition up front but I don’t budget in for the reimbursements, so when they come they give me a bit of play room. I’ve been thinking about opening an account, and over the weekend we got something in the mail giving us a bonus if we opened an account so I figured now is as good a time as any. I’ll still have my regular savings with my CU, but this will be a little more effort to get to and will give me more return which is nice. I’ve set up automatic transfers for a smaller amount on paydays so I’ll keep building it up every week a little at a time, and when I get my next reimbursement I can put in another chunk.

Today was the last day of Clo.mid for Firefly. She didn’t seem to have the side effects that she did last time, or if she did she hid it better, so that’s good. Now we wait until next Monday afternoon for the ultrasound. Here’s hoping everything goes well.

In a bit of no-so-good family news, Firefly’s uncle has a brain aneurysm. He’ll be in town for surgery on Monday morning, so please keep him in your good thoughts that day as well.

And now guess what? It’s time for me to get back to my schoolwork.

i should be doing something productive

Well, our hockey tickets didn’t sell so I went to the game with Badger. We lost, which always sucks, but it was a good game and a good time.

Our cats are fighting again. They just tore through the house screaming. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with them? We’ve tried moving one of the litter boxes upstairs and shutting them in separate rooms when they go at each other, which seems to have helped a bit, but obviously it hasn’t completely resolved the issues.

We have both officially voted. I sent in my absentee ballot a few weeks ago, and Firefly finally got hers last week and mailed it out over the weekend. I’m anxious for this election to be over, and it will be one less thing for me to obsess over.

Yesterday we went shopping for baby shower gifts. Firefly kept wandering around and picking up the little clothes. She loved these little skull socks and a skull onesie, and I must say they were super cute. I was wishing we were there to look for things for our baby. Patience.

I have so much homework to do, and all I’ve been doing since I got home is procrastinate. Okay. I’m going to work on it now. For real. I mean it.

so tired

We’re going with the laminate floor in the dining room. We worked for a little while on it this evening, but we were both really stiff and sore from yesterday, so it didn’t last long.

I have some reading and discussion board stuff for class still to do tonight. And I need to make pickles for a friend’s baby shower next weekend. I really should do it tonight so they have more time to sit before I give them to her, but I’m thinking I probably won’t get to it until tomorrow. Of course we also have tickets to the hockey game tomorrow that we were trying to sell so we can go to a later game–Firefly can’t go because she wouldn’t get done in time to get to work–but they haven’t been taken yet so I may be going with a friend.

It’s really windy out, and they’re saying we might get some snow flurries tomorrow. I’m not ready for winter.

Okay. I should really get back to my homework.

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