i thought my head would explode.

I had a terrible headache all day today. I got something to take for it from the clinic, but it didn’t seem to help. I spent all day working with my office light off. I rested for a bit when I got home from work and it seems to have subsided now, thank goodness.

I stayed up until 2 this morning finishing my homework assignments, emailed them to my teacher, and then of course this morning I got a note saying that because the system was down at some point last night we have an extension until tomorrow to send it in. I had it in on time, which is what’s important, but I wouldn’t have stayed up so late finishing it and would have worked on it a bit more tonight had I known. Oh well.

My best friend Spider came over tonight to hang out for a little while. I haven’t seen her for a while, since I’ve been busy with school and she got a promotion at work that’s kept her busy pretty much all the time. It was good to see her. Hopefully things will calm down soon and we can spend more time hanging out.

I think it’s safe to say that Firefly’s hot flashes are being caused by the Clo.mid. It happened again this evening, and this time she got really hot, then cold about 15 minutes later. Hopefully she won’t have to deal with it any more this month since she took her last dose today. Now we just wait until next Wednesday for the ultrasound. So exciting!


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