cutie pie

I had a pretty good day today. Work was slow since the system was shut down for processing, so I did some filing and just putzed around. My brother was in town for a workshop or something like that, and he brought his youngest with him so his wife could have some time to herself and my niece could spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa. They came and picked me up from work and we went out for lunch. She’s turning 5 in two weeks and is super cute. Crazy! It was funny, though, when we got to the end of our meal she had quite a bit left so the waitress brought a box and asked me if we needed it. At first I thought she was asking if I needed it for my food, which was odd because all I had left was a little lettuce. It took me a second to realize that she was asking me because she thought I was the Mom. It made my heart jump a little. Hopefully soon I will be.

It turns out that the rumor about health insurance at Firefly’s work is true. I don’t know all the details, but it’s supposed to start early next year. If it’s the same as spousal coverage she won’t have to pay any premium–which means no tax penalty on money paid for coverage, unlike many other people who have same-sex partner coverage. My insurance now is cheap but it would still save us about $600 a year, and if any kids I carried were covered it would save us around $1800 a year (compared to me having family coverage through work for me and the child), which of course would be awesome.

Firefly is working overtime both nights this weekend, which is great money-wise and gives me more time to focus on my homework, but I really look forward to having her next to me on the weekends. I’ll just have to look forward to her coming home and cuddling up next to me. Of course, she rode her motorcycle tonight and it’s supposed to get down in the 40s so she’ll be an ice cube. Ah well.

I’ve been working on my story for my creative nonfiction class. It’s a short memoir piece, only two pages required, but it’s been tougher on me than I thought it would. I might post the draft when I finish. We’ll see. Right now I should get back to it.


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