a few little tidbits

I had my last bicycling class tonight. I’ve had fun. I really enjoy riding, I just haven’t found the time lately to do it. Thursday evening I go to take a short riding test and multiple choice written test and then I’ll get a fancy little certificate of completion.

Apparently the inspector showed up around 1 this afternoon. Firefly stayed up until noon to see if they showed and then fell asleep. We have two front doors, one of which has a working doorbell, the other doesn’t. Apparently they came to the other door, so she didn’t hear them. She called to reschedule for tomorrow, but it really sucks because now she’ll have to wait up again.

We have the ultrasound on Wednesday to see if the Clo.mid did its job. I’m nervous and excited. I’m also a generally paranoid person, so I’m worried that something will happen and she won’t have ovulated or will release the egg early on her own or they’ll find something strange. Okay, I’m going to stop thinking about it now.

And now I’m going to go try to come up with an idea for my story for Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about the prompts, but so far I have no good ideas. This is the part of the class I was worried about.


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