i’m ready for my vacation.

Well, she didn’t take a half night. She slept until around 2 while I did homework, but she kept having to get up to use the restroom. It’s crazy, I keep thinking about things that I wouldn’t normally and wonder if they’re signs. She was moody today. Was she just tired? Who knows. We still have a week and a half before we’ll find out for sure. It seems early to be having symptoms, if that’s what it is, since implantation doesn’t happen for 6-10 days. But what do I know?

We had someone out to look at insulating the crawlspace over the bathrooms. They said it’s too small and doesn’t meet their minimum square footage. The other place we’ve talked to also has a minimum that we don’t meet, so it looks like we’ll be doing it ourselves. It’s going to save us money, but it’s also going to be a hassle that we were hoping to avoid. Oh, well.

We also went to the grocery to stock our kitchen and get supplies for our trip at the end of this week. I don’t think I’m a fun person to go to the store with. I’m impatient and have no idea where anything is. I also have a tendency to fall prey to those impulse buys. Luckily when Firefly and I go together it’s pretty easy for her to convince me we don’t need whatever it is, but she gets so frustrated with me.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for two days, then I have a four-day weekend. Two long weekends in a row. I can’t wait!


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