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I got a check for my tuition reimbursement from last quarter, so I decided to open a higher yield savings account with a bit of the money. I pay my tuition up front but I don’t budget in for the reimbursements, so when they come they give me a bit of play room. I’ve been thinking about opening an account, and over the weekend we got something in the mail giving us a bonus if we opened an account so I figured now is as good a time as any. I’ll still have my regular savings with my CU, but this will be a little more effort to get to and will give me more return which is nice. I’ve set up automatic transfers for a smaller amount on paydays so I’ll keep building it up every week a little at a time, and when I get my next reimbursement I can put in another chunk.

Today was the last day of Clo.mid for Firefly. She didn’t seem to have the side effects that she did last time, or if she did she hid it better, so that’s good. Now we wait until next Monday afternoon for the ultrasound. Here’s hoping everything goes well.

In a bit of no-so-good family news, Firefly’s uncle has a brain aneurysm. He’ll be in town for surgery on Monday morning, so please keep him in your good thoughts that day as well.

And now guess what? It’s time for me to get back to my schoolwork.


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