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school sucks.

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the quarter. I feel like I still have so much to do. I do have so much to do. I’ve got some discussion boards to catch up on and one final paper to write, as well as some revisions to do before I turn in my portfolio. Yikes.


home again, home again.

We’re home now–or rather I am, having dropped Firefly off at work. We had a pretty good weekend. We played lots of shuffleb.oard and some cards and had lots of good food. Firefly’s brother and his wife came today, which made for an interesting dynamic. There was a lot of stuff running up to the election with her brother trying very hard to convince her parents they should be voting for the other party, which they didn’t going for (he didn’t even bother with us). They didn’t really say much the whole time they were there unless it involved their daughter. At one point it ended up being Firefly, her sister, her parents, and me sitting around a table (they were playing cards while I watched) while the brother and wife sat in another area of the room watching DVDs with their daughter.

She did end up giving herself the shot in a gas station parking lot, although she mixed it ahead of time and kept it in her parents’ fridge. She was all paranoid about someone seeing her messing with a syri.nge and getting the wrong idea, which stressed her out. And there wasn’t much light. And the alc.ohol pad she brought was all dried out so it did absolutely no good. And it was a little late, although by less than 15 minutes, so she was stressing about that too. Oh well. I really hope it works this time. This stuff is stressful.

Okay. I’m going to get to some reading.


We’re having a good time with Firefly’s family so far, altough I’d love a nap and she has yet to sleep so I’m sure she feels the same. We got here early, then went out for lunch. We had no intention of doing any shopping today, but we went to a plastic factory with her parents and sister. We got something for her neice and all of my brothers’ minions, so that knocks off the majority of our holiday shopping. It wasn’t busy at all and we’re now on our way back to the house, so I still avoided all the crap of black friday.

over and out.

happy thanksgiving!

We had a nice dinner, albeit a bit slim on the sides, and the gravy turned out really well–although I had to add a lot more flour than I was expecting to get it to thicken up. Bennder was here, and Bean and Badger came by as well even though they didn’t eat. Firefly, Bennder, and Badger started a game of darts while I cleaned up, although I did go down and hang out once the dishwasher was started. Then they played a game of hand and foot while Bean slept on our couch and I went back to work on papers that I need to finish before we leave tomorrow–which means I need to finish them and get them sent out tonight. Actually Bennder is still here reading in the living room while she waits for girlfriend-who-still-does-not-have-a-nickname to tell her that she’s home from her family gathering.

I’m done with one paper, am almost done with another that goes with it, and have a good idea of what I’m doing with a third so I just need to finish typing it out. And I still need to pack, although that won’t be too bad since we’ll only be gone for one night, so really I have to put an outfit in a bag and get out the toiletries. Oh, and I need to pack up my laptop and my books so I can try to get some of my reading done. And I have to leave the house by 6:30 in the morning to get Firefly and head out. I should get back to it.

baby stuff

The US went well today. The doc said everything looks great, just as it has the last two times, and she should be ready to trigger Saturday night for a Monday morning insem. The bad part about this is that we’ll have to take it with us to her parents’ house. It also means we might have to mix and inject it in the car on the way back home to get the timing right since we’ll be leaving with enough time for me to drop her off at work by 10:30, and then I’ll have to bring the rest home and promptly refrigerate it so it’s still good if we end up needing it for a next round. Which we hopefully won’t.

When we went in to set up the appointment with the nurse we took the opportunity to talk with her about how long we should try before we consider switching donors. She suggested at least one or two more tries and then we might want to think about it, especially since Firefly’s numbers have all been great. So we went next door to buy the vial for Monday, and we decided to ask the woman working if there was any more info we could get about our donor. According to her he’s only been in the system for about 6 months–although I seem to remember a conversation about donors with a friend who now has a 6-month-old and I was thinking this was one she said they had liked, so it may just be the samples they have that are less than 6 months old. Regardless, when we picked him he had no pregnancies reported and now he has one, so that’s a good sign, right?

Oh, and I did get everything done at work so I’m off until Monday, and I will now get to sleep in a bit because of our appointment. Yay!


Just one more day of work and then I have a four day weekend. I think I’m going to be able to get everything done so that I can leave early for the US and not have to go back in, which is great–especially since I spent part of today dealing with some unexpected things.

I’m hoping I can also finish all of the things I need to for school before we head out of town on Friday morning. I really don’t want to take homework with me, but I may need to.

We had a turkey in our basement freezer, so I pulled it out today to thaw. I’m going to make it on Thursday. It’ll be my first real attempt at cooking one, so we’ll see how it goes. We made one last year in our roaster, but I wasn’t in charge and I’m clueless about how to make good gravy. It should be interesting. Maybe I’ll just leave the gravy to Firefly, she’s much better at that sort of thing. We figure we can always shred whatever is left and have some yummy sandwiches as it’s a little bigger than we need for two people. Anyone hungry?

nothing in paticular

It’s a busy week at work with the holiday and all. We have one less day for processing, and it’s our short week to begin with. I’m pretty much where I need to be at this point and I’m just waiting for other people to get me the paperwork I need to finish things up. I’m really hoping people get things to me on time so that I can finish up early on Wednesday. We have the US at 3, so I’m hoping to leave at 2 with everything done. If not I’ll have to go back that evening or on the holiday to finish up, and I don’t want to do that.

I’d been having trouble coming up with an idea for a short story I have to do, but I got a good suggestion from a coworker today. I got one from Bennder yesterday that I liked but I just couldn’t get it to work. I’ve got something similar now but more of an idea of where to go with it that I think will work. We’ll see.

My dad came over today to help Firefly with some stuff in the bathroom. They got wood to build the shelves for both bathrooms and have a plan. Tomorrow they’re going to build the shelves and get them installed, and possibly start drywalling the ceiling in the master bath–although I’m not holding my breath on that. I’m just glad we’re at the point of putting it all back together again. I can’t wait to have a closet again and not cram everything into the spare room. Insulating the ceiling has made a big difference in the guest bath, and with everything insulated in the master it’s staying pretty warm in there, too. Just ask Firefly. No, wait, that was another hot flash. At least she’s done with the Clo.mid for this round.

We also spent some much needed cuddle time on the couch before she went to work. Gotta love that.

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