the story continues

I’m so tired. Firefly is working first shift this week and she’s already in bed, although she’s still up reading. I’m busy trying to finish a paper that will just about get me caught up on my homework, as long as you don’t count all the reading I’m behind on. Everything has been so crazy these past few weeks.

If anyone remembers, I mentioned that Firefly’s uncle was having surgery last Monday for a brain aneurysm. I dropped Firefly off at the hospital that day to be with her aunt and cousins, went to the school to take care of some things, and then went back to join them for an hour or so before we went to our US appointment. They had to clamp the aneurysm, and as it turns out there are a few different ways to do that. Well, they chose the wrong one so they had to open his head back up to move the clamps into better position. When we left they were finally done with the surgery and working on getting him to a room, although I’m still not sure if they went back in then and there or if that happened at a later time. At any rate, at some point during this process he apparently had some kind of stroke. He’s been heavily sedated and they’ve had to strap his arms down so that when he does wake he doesn’t try to pull at the feeding or breathing tubes they’ve put in. They had discussed putting in a temporary tracheotomy but decided against it because he’s doing well enough on his own with the tubes, which is good.

We went to visit him last night. It was so strange seeing him there in the bed. I hadn’t thought too much about how they would actually get to his brain, but what I imagined was definitely not what they did. Let’s just say there were staples. Lots and lots of staples. Then again, I’m clueless about that sort of thing. Remember back when we went for our first US?

After we visited for a bit we went out to dinner with her aunt and the cousins. We never get to see them as often as we like, and although the circumstances were not ideal we had a good time. At some point in the evening we started talking about where we are in the whole baby-making process. We weren’t sure how much to say at first, because although the cousins are great we didn’t know how her aunt was going to react. She was very interested, though, and was asking all kinds of questions about the donor process. When we left she made a point of wishing us good luck, and that she meant it. I have no doubt. We should have known. She was so excited about our wedding–although she wasn’t able to make it because, well, she had a grandson being born. They have the best excuse for missing a wedding ever.

In other news, Bean called me earlier to tell me she got a promotion she interviewed for a few weeks ago. Well, she interviewed a few weeks ago. They just told her she got the job tonight. So, if you know her, congratulations are in order.

And for anyone who might be wondering, my leg is feeling better today.


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  1. 1 she November 11, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    DON’T LET THEM TRANSFER HER UNCLE TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL! my dad’s cousin had the same thing happen, although he had the trach. OSU said they wouldn’t take care of him because he had a trach and that he had to transfer to another hospital. he died during the transfer.


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