nothing in paticular

It’s a busy week at work with the holiday and all. We have one less day for processing, and it’s our short week to begin with. I’m pretty much where I need to be at this point and I’m just waiting for other people to get me the paperwork I need to finish things up. I’m really hoping people get things to me on time so that I can finish up early on Wednesday. We have the US at 3, so I’m hoping to leave at 2 with everything done. If not I’ll have to go back that evening or on the holiday to finish up, and I don’t want to do that.

I’d been having trouble coming up with an idea for a short story I have to do, but I got a good suggestion from a coworker today. I got one from Bennder yesterday that I liked but I just couldn’t get it to work. I’ve got something similar now but more of an idea of where to go with it that I think will work. We’ll see.

My dad came over today to help Firefly with some stuff in the bathroom. They got wood to build the shelves for both bathrooms and have a plan. Tomorrow they’re going to build the shelves and get them installed, and possibly start drywalling the ceiling in the master bath–although I’m not holding my breath on that. I’m just glad we’re at the point of putting it all back together again. I can’t wait to have a closet again and not cram everything into the spare room. Insulating the ceiling has made a big difference in the guest bath, and with everything insulated in the master it’s staying pretty warm in there, too. Just ask Firefly. No, wait, that was another hot flash. At least she’s done with the Clo.mid for this round.

We also spent some much needed cuddle time on the couch before she went to work. Gotta love that.


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