home again, home again.

We’re home now–or rather I am, having dropped Firefly off at work. We had a pretty good weekend. We played lots of shuffleb.oard and some cards and had lots of good food. Firefly’s brother and his wife came today, which made for an interesting dynamic. There was a lot of stuff running up to the election with her brother trying very hard to convince her parents they should be voting for the other party, which they didn’t going for (he didn’t even bother with us). They didn’t really say much the whole time they were there unless it involved their daughter. At one point it ended up being Firefly, her sister, her parents, and me sitting around a table (they were playing cards while I watched) while the brother and wife sat in another area of the room watching DVDs with their daughter.

She did end up giving herself the shot in a gas station parking lot, although she mixed it ahead of time and kept it in her parents’ fridge. She was all paranoid about someone seeing her messing with a syri.nge and getting the wrong idea, which stressed her out. And there wasn’t much light. And the alc.ohol pad she brought was all dried out so it did absolutely no good. And it was a little late, although by less than 15 minutes, so she was stressing about that too. Oh well. I really hope it works this time. This stuff is stressful.

Okay. I’m going to get to some reading.


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