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We decided to spend the night in, and I’m glad. We’ve had fun hanging out and watching a really good hockey game, although we still have another period to go to see if we can pull out a victory. I’m a bit tipsy, although they keep teasing me about getting sucked into the game and forgetting about my drink.

It’s been a pretty good year, for the most part. We celebrated one year of married life together on a Cari.bbean island (although having our rental car stolen the morning we were leaving was one of the low points of the year), and we’ve started the journey into motherhood. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I’m happy.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2009!


low key.

We’ve been debating our plans for tomorrow night. There’s an annual party at a friend’s house that we usually go to, and Bennder is getting the keys to her new place tomorrow and having a get-together there. While we’d love to see everyone, we’re really just not feeling like going out. Neither of us would be able to drink, Firefly for obvious reasons and me because I have to drive and I’m really not into crashing on someone’s floor. We still may stop in at the friend’s party, mostly because some dear friends who have moved out of state that we miss terribly may be there, but we’ve decided to watch the ball drop at home. There’s another couple that we’re close with who also weren’t into a big shindig, so we’re going to have our own little gathering at our house, just the four of us. We’ll watch the hockey game, have a few drinks (well, three of us will), and play some cards. Low key. That’s what I’m wanting this new year.

here we go again

We’re off on try number 4. It went well, I think. It was our doc this time, which was nice. He let me push in the plunger once he had everything in place, which was a bit surreal and a a little exciting. My hands were shaking a bit. I’m really, really hoping this time is it.

I had scheduled the day off, so we went out for brunch after. We came home and worked on the bathroom a bit, and watched a movie that Firefly had heard was pretty good. It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely a teen girl type of movie which really isn’t her thing. Oh well. It was still fun.

weekend updating.

A good time was had by all at Firefly’s parents’ house, and we did not have to come home early. We exchanged gifts, made pizza, and played shuffleboard and lots of cards as usual. This afternoon we went to her best friend’s house to visit with them and give them the gifts we had for them. She thoroughly enjoyed the huge tablet of scrapbook pages we gave her, and her son loved his gifts–one for his birthday and the other for the holiday. We got a lovely picture frame and the promise of a visit this spring to help pull weeds and plant flowers in the yard, which will be wonderful.

After we got home and put things away we had a nice time watching the planet earth series on television and napping together on the couch, but now it’s time for bed.

In the morning we go in for try number 4.

i’m going home.

We had the US this morning and things look great. 3 large follies on the left side and at least two on the right that he measured. The doc said we could do the insem on Sunday morning, but we’re not supposed to come home from Firefly’s parents’ until that night. He said that was fine, but he wants her to do OPKs tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure she doesn’t ov.ulate on her own before then. If she does we’ll just have to come home earlier than we planned.

Coming in to work today was pointless. I have gotten no emails, no phone calls, the system is on a scheduled shutdown, and the only other person on campus is my mother. I’m going home. This is ridiculous and I’ve put in 3 hours of sitting here. That’s plenty.

And it just started pouring down rain again. Great. I’m glad I brought my umbrella in.

happy holidays!

We have just returned home from a wonderful day with my family, although we’re all a bit exhausted. With twenty-two people in one house, including 8 kids, it gets a little crazy sometimes. We always have a bit of a mish mash, with at least one family friend with no family of her own. I love seeing them all, but it reminds me of how much I miss my brothers and their families. Hopefully we can take some more time out to go visit them in the coming year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating!

good times.

Well, we’ve opened some presents and our stockings with Badger, Bennder, and her girlfriend, although we’ve left some to open tomorrow. It’s been a lovely evening so far. They’re in the other room having a crossword contest and chatting away, so I’m taking a moment to myself. I hope everyone is having as wonderful of a time with their families.

I’ve got my ornament from Firefly, a new cap with my hockey team logo, some homemade soap, a board game, some gift cards, and I won $10 on a scratch-off ticket. Bennder won $20 on the scratch-off I put in her stocking, and Firefly got a neat deck of cards with different typefaces on each card, as well as a book and her ornament from me.

I’m actually really looking forward to going to Firefly’s parents’ house on Friday, and tomorrow we’re going on a two-hour road trip to my brother’s house for dinner with the family. Good times.

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