today was better.

Bennder forwarded some of the drama from yesterday to their father, and got a pretty supportive, albeit brief, email back. This is very, very encouraging. They’ve made such strides. Although they still have some issues they are trying, and that’s wonderful. I think that both meeting my parents for the first time and the election, as weird as that sounds, have really helped them to see how much they have in common with us and how similar we are, really, at the core. I want Firefly to have a good relationship with her parents, and to be selfish I want to have a good relationship with them, too. Although I suppose it’s also good for Firefly when I have a good relationship with them, so maybe it’s not so selfish. I think everything with them has really improved over the last year or so. That makes me very happy.

Work was pretty laid back today. My mom wasn’t there to have lunch with, so instead I ate and chatted with my coworker. I spent most of the afternoon doing paperwork while I chatted with a friend. I got home just before Bean and Badger got here–Bean to help with another coat of drywall mudding, and Badger for moral support of sorts while she and I worked on homework, she in the living room and me in my office. Firefly and Bean got another coat up on the walls, and I believe there are plans to try to get things pretty well finished up tomorrow. Very cool.

After Bean and Badger left I made dinner while Firefly showered off all the dust (what, twice in a week? What’s happening? Me cooking that is, not her showering. She does that with some frequency), and we had a great time watching the hockey game. Our team is doing so well right now, especially considering all the setbacks they’ve had recently. Tomorrow we’ll be sitting in the arena watching our team play at home. What, you don’t want to hear about hockey? Okay. I also loaded and ran the dishwasher. How’s that for excitement?

After the game I worked on math while Firefly dozed on the couch. She never made it to bed after working last night, so she’s pretty well exhausted. She’s just headed in to bed, and I am very shortly following. Just as soon as I hit publish…


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