Week one of the quarter is down and I’ve gotten all 10 of the available extra credit for the quarter as well as 11/12 on the first quiz in my math class. Not a bad start. I’ve got to work on getting my portfolio together for my capstone, which I’ve already gotten a little work done on–although not much.

The mudding is finished in the bathroom other than a final sanding and checking for any spots that need extra attention. Firefly and Bean also got a start on the mudding in the bedroom itself where we moved the doorway, and repaired some cracks and a spot on the ceiling where we think a light used to be. Firefly is hoping we can get started on the floor by this weekend, but I’m not sure. Now that school is back in session I won’t really be able to help much–not that I was really much of a help to begin with.

We have a consult scheduled with the RE for next month to talk about our options if we need them after this round. It’s scheduled for the day after we should be testing. Here’s hoping we’ll have to cancel.


1 Response to “happenings.”

  1. 1 Sam January 13, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Great job on the math class. Keep up the good work. I also hope you need to cancel the appointment with the RE

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