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One week. Just one more week to go…



Today was a pretty crappy day at work anyway. My boss came in obsessing over this training next week while I was trying to work on other things. I wanted to tell him to chill the hell out and go somewhere else, but…well, he’s my boss. I’m so glad it’s the weekend.

The bathroom is primed and ready for paint tomorrow, after some general grumpiness and me dumping primer on my boob. Yeah, that was pretty. Glad I changed my shirt before we started.

And now I really must go study for my math exam since I need to go take it tomorrow. I just want to go curl up in a little ball and sleep.

rolling on along.

I had a busy day at work trying to catch up from yesterday. I ended up staying over for two hours, but I got everything done that I wanted to and I’ll get time to use later in exchange so I can’t complain–especially since I won’t get maternity leave when we do welcome our little one, so I need as much time saved up as I can get. I also got pulled into a pretty long meeting to go over some things for a training I’m giving next week in preparation for bringing a new system online, although I think it’s going to go pretty smoothly.

I got full points on my homework and our hockey team had a great win tonight, so I’m happy.

I still have a lot to do to get my portfolio together, although I’m making some progress. We’re planning to paint the bathroom this weekend, and I’m hoping to get a lot of work done on the portfolio as well.

The decorating class near the house is on Tuesdays, so Spider and I are going to see if we can get into the one on Mondays near her work. It should be fun, and it’s been a while since we’ve really been about to hang out with any regularity. I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, my state tax refund was deposited this morning (or last night perhaps, but I saw it this morning), and I just checked my statement and my tuition reimbursement also went through. Hooray!

perfect scores.

I went to darts with Firefly tonight and had a good time hanging out with folks. The captain wasn’t there, but her alternate played really well. He threw the winning dart in 2 or 3 of their games. They skunked the other team, winning all 7 games.

I brought her home so she could head off to work with plenty of time, and have finished my math quiz. I got 12 out of 12. Go me! That’s two perfect scores between the two of us today–and possibly three depending on how I do on the homework that I submitted last night. I’ve gotten a 4 out of 4 on all five of the assignments so far, and I’m hoping to do it again. That would rock.

Firefly got a call from her rx insu.rance today as well, and they told her that they will cover the Foll.istim–at least to some extent–which is also good news. Hopefully all this good stuff is just a precursor to other good things, like a BFP on the 7th.

The training was pretty cool today. It was really laid back, although I was pretty bummed because they decided to make lunch a half hour and order in pizza so that we could get out early. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting done early, but it meant that I wasn’t able to go have lunch with my dad and I was bummed about that. We should have the bathroom painted and ready for tile by next week and he’ll be over at the house helping out with that, so I’ll get to see him soon.

Oh, and after the training, since I got out early, I decided to stop by the place near the house that has cake decorating classes. I got some more info–like price–but I was a little confused on when they have them. They’re either two nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or you have the option of one or the other, or one level is on one night and the other level on the…er…other, but the guy I talked to seemed like he didn’t really know much about it. I can’t do Tuesdays in March because we have tickets to two home hockey games and I’m not going to give those up. I think I’m going to call tomorrow and see if the woman who actually runs the class is there and try to find out more specifics. If it’s on Thursdays that would be the best option for me since it’s right by the house, and Spider is off so she’d be able to go with me. There is a different store that offers them on Mondays next month (which starts on Sunday, eek!), and the advantage to that one is that it’s right by Spider’s work. She opens on Mondays so I could go meet up with her for some food and then go to the class together, but it’s also much farther from my house and I wouldn’t have much time at home on those evenings. We could also put it off until April since I’ll be done with school then and won’t have homework to worry about, but I at least want to look into it. Okay, I’m going to stop going on about it now because I’m sure I’m boring the hell out of you.


classes and cakes.

Well, I should have an interesting day tomorrow. I’m out of the office for an all day train the trainer session. It’s near my parents’ house, so I’m going to go over and have lunch with my dad on the break. I haven’t seen him in a while, so that should be really nice. I’m also hoping that we’ll get out early and just get to go home, which is pretty likely, actually, with these things.

I want to take a cake decorating class. I’ve been kind of wanting to do it for a while, and now a friend has gotten a bee in my bonnet–so to speak, I’d have a major freak out if there was an actual bee anywhere near my bonnet–about taking one. I mentioned to my co-worker that I was thinking about it, and she said that if I find one she’d be interested in taking it with me depending on where and when it is. I think it would be fun, and I haven’t done nearly as much baking lately as I used to, mostly because our stove is crap and you have to watch everything so closely. It would be a fun way to get back into it a bit.

Firefly’s mom took decorating classes years ago and enjoys doing it, so she said, as did Bennder, that if I did take one I’d have something else to bond with her over. My mom, on the other hand, has no interest in it at all.

I’ve finished my math homework for the week, although I still need to take my quiz. I’m planning to go to darts with Firefly and take that when I get home. I also have to take my second midterm by Saturday, so the rest of the week will be studying and working on my portfolio.

Other than a get-together with a friend who will be visiting from out of town, not much else happening this week–which is nice, actually. We should be ready to start priming on Thursday night, and plan to paint this weekend as well. That will make me super happy.

And there you have it.

so good, a little bad, and more good.


Oh, so good. Not the best picture, but that’s okay. It was so delicious! We put chunks of pepperoni in the sauce as well, and the meatballs were so tender and flavorful.

But I forgot the excitement of our grocery trip! On our way out to the car we were crossing the lot with our fully loaded cart when we heard someone yelling. We turned around just in time to see a kid racing across the parking lot with a basket stuffed full of…well, stuff, trailed by an old man who presumably worked there. The kid jumped into a car and tore out of the parking lot. We were in the next row over, so we didn’t get a good look at the car; really we couldn’t even tell if he jumped into the driver or passenger seat. Crazy!

I also didn’t really talk about our insem on Saturday. It went fine, it was our regular doc and he let me push in the plunger again, which I still think is cool. But the really awesome part is that the motile count was the highest it’s ever been: 30 million. That’s three times what the bank guarantees. Please, please let one of those little guys find their way. Please.

food is fun.

Let me just say, as I think I have before, that I am not good at grocery shopping. I get distracted easily and annoy Firefly, who is very much a “get in and get out” shopper, but today we had one of our better trips. We made sure we ate before we went so I wasn’t distracted by hunger, and I did my best to tag along and not get distracted or in the way. That woman is a monster shopper. She makes lists based on what’s on sale and what we have coupons for, so we save a lot of money. We hadn’t been in about a month, other than quick trips for fresh fruit and the like, so it was a big expensive adventure nonetheless.

After we put the groceries away we started on tomorrow’s dinner. We’re having spaghetti with meatballs, so Firefly had me help her make the meatballs. I don’t think I’ve every actually done it, and it was pretty fun just messing around in the kitchen with her. We got them all made, freezing half of the meatballs for later, and the sauce is now simmering and getting yummy. I can’t wait!

We also took some time to just hang out and cuddle on the couch watching a couple of shows we had recorded, which was nice, and I had a tasty ice cream snack. Now she’s off at work and I’m spending some time on my math homework and getting some things together for my portfolio. Not a bad day, all in all–and I was much less grumpy.

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