back to it.

I’m leaving a trail of glitter everywhere I go.

It’s kind of fun, actually, even though it means a bit of extra mess. Firefly got me a team jersey for Chr.istmas that is, shall we say, a bit girly. Not pink (although not true team colors either), but definitely glittery. I wore it tonight while we watched the game, and walking through the house now it’s very clear where I’ve been.

I go back to work tomorrow, and although it’s been nice to have the extra day off the short work week means I’ll have a lot to do in fewer days. Not so bad when it’s an off week, but this is not one of those. Thursday we have the U/S so I’ll be cutting into my time a bit there as well–although by that point I should just be finishing things up, and Friday the system will be shut down so that should make for a pretty laid back day. Hopefully everything looks good at our appointment and we’ll be set for a Saturday insem.

But I’m trying not to think about that too much. I should get back to my homework.


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