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I’m nervous.

Can I just tell you how nervous I am? I am. Very nervous. And yet excited. All I’ve been able to think about today is the U/S tomorrow. I can’t wait, and yet I’m terrified that we’ll go in and they’ll see something they shouldn’t. Or not see something they should. Or something like that.

Everything will be fine. I just need to breathe.

Okay. And I need to go find something to keep myself occupied…


what’s that?

Another evening, and another nap for Firefly. I took advantage of the time by doing some cleaning in my office. Things are looking better, although it was a pretty big mess so there’s still progress to be made. I’ve gotten rid of some old things that I don’t need and organized some others a little more. It’s starting to look a lot less like a bunch of piles of stuff and more like an actual office.

So no lunch meat, no soft cheeses, fish in moderation, blah blah blah for Firefly. She’s been really good about not eating that stuff and eating lots of fruits and veggies, getting the things she needs and eating a variety of foods from the different groups. She called me on her way to work tonight and said “hey. So…blue cheese is bad…right?” I think so. Crap. She’s been having blue cheese dressing on her salads and with some of her veggies. I know they say it’s fine as long as it’s pasteurized, but of course I can’t find anything anywhere on the bottle that says one way or the other. Of course. It should be fine, right?

weekend fun

It’s been a nice weekend. Yesterday we got a new set of towels for the bathroom and got the toilet in and working. We also did a little bit of cleaning up, and Firefly took a nap before we had some friends over to celebrate my birthday and graduation, and Bean’s birthday. It was a small crowd, but we had a good time.

Today we slept in and decided we wanted to watch a movie rather than work on the bathroom before we went to the hockey game. It was some weird thing about a se.rial ki.ller who gets caught by a photographer guy and creepy adventure ensues. It was interesting, although we got really freaked out at one point when we thought we heard something in the house. Turns out it was just one of the cats who had found a balloon that Firefly discovered outside when she got the paper. She scared herself (the cat, not Firefly) and went tearing into the back of the house, apparently dragging it with her because she had been chewing on the string. We found her under the bed, and were much relieved once we figured out what it was. I’m sure the fact that we were watching a creepy movie didn’t help.

We’ve got a busy week coming up. Firefly is trying to decide if she should take Wednesday night off of work. She’s concerned about saving her time for when she really needs it later on–especially since work has been slow, and there haven’t been any opportunities for her to bank any extra time–but she has an appointment with the opht.halmologist, where she’ll have her eyes dilated, and the U/S, then darts that evening (although there is an alternate on standby since she doesn’t know how quickly her eyes will get back to normal). She’s going to try to get the eye appointment moved, but we’re not sure she’ll be able to. In any case she won’t be able to really rest at all, and she’s been so tired lately. I told her I think she should. After the U/S, we’re either going to be really, really excited and want to have some time to celebrate together, or really, really not excited and need some time alone just the two of us–another good reason for having that alternate ready to play.


We found Firefly’s phone! We decided to go back to the bar where they played just to check, and it had fallen down into the chair she was sitting in. It was a cushy one, and her phone is really small so it slid down pretty deep into it. With all the music playing our friend just couldn’t hear it though the cushion and she didn’t see it when she checked there. Yay!

We spent the rest of the evening clipping coupons and making a grocery list for tomorrow, and I did the dishes and wiped down the kitchen counter. We’re so exciting. She’s been really tired today, and her hunger seems to be coming and going in spurts. Right now she’s watching some TV on the couch. We’ll worry about doing any more cleaning tomorrow, although the house isn’t too bad really.

Oh, and I chatted with her mom for a little while on the phone. She called to wish me a happy birthday, because she realized that she hadn’t sent the card they had for me. She actually had it when they sent the other two, but had set the birthday card aside because she didn’t want all three to come at the same time. We also finalized our plans for Easter–or rather the weekend before since that’s when we’ll be going up. It should be fun–and hopefully we’ll have something to show from the U/S on Wednesday.

And now I’m off to go spend some time with my lovely wife.

birthday fun

Look what I did:


Hooray! Okay, so the words are a little crooked. I knew they would be because of the space I had, but Spider and the rest of the class said I should do it anyway, and it is my birthday after all. The roses all turned out really well. Here’s a closer shot of them:


It was really hard to get any good shots of the cake and flowers. The lighting in the classroom isn’t great so the flash kept trying to go off, and our kitchen here at home isn’t any better. I used the super macro with LED mode on my point-and-shoot for the roses, which seemed to work a little better. And I do have to say that I’m pretty proud of the minimal crumbs in the icing, especially since it’s a dark chocolate cake. Come to our house on Saturday and you can try it!


I went to darts with Firefly tonight. It was fun as usual, and although they only won 3 out of the 7 they were very close on some of the others–including the last game, which went down to the wire–and I was very proud of Firefly, who played very well.

Unfortunately, though, at some point in the evening Firefly lost her cell phone.

We tried calling a friend on the team to see if she was still at the bar. She had already left, but volunteered to go back to look for it since we had to get home so Firefly could leave for work and couldn’t go back ourselves. She got there and looked all around where we were, trying to call the phone to see if she could hear it, asked the other team (who was still there hanging out in the same area) but they hadn’t seen it, walked out to where she had seen our car–while calling to listen for it–but no luck. I tried calling it in the house just to make sure, but she was pretty sure she had it at the bar and I believe her. I called the restaurant where we had eaten before just in case. They hadn’t seen it either, although the man that I talked to was very nice and took my number so he could check again and leave a note for the cleaning guy, and said he would call if it was found. I’m hoping to hear back, but I’m not holding my breath–especially since she thinks she had it after that. I’m not sure if I should call the cell company and have them put a hold on her service so that no one can use it to do anything shady if they come upon it…I think if we don’t have any luck by tomorrow afternoon I’ll look into it.

I haven’t really been talking much about it, but we have the first U/S a week from today. We’re both feeling a little nervous, and I think that we’ll feel a lot more comfortable afterward–assuming of course that everything looks good. I’m excited to see and hear our baby’s heartbeat, and terrified that we won’t. This is normal, right? After six long months of trying, to finally have it happen (and on a cycle that I was afraid was doomed to failure because of the timing issue with the trigger shot) still doesn’t really feel quite…real. If that makes any sense at all. I don’t know. And now I’m babbling. Which is normal for me, I suppose.

Okay, I’m going to try to stop thinking about all of that and go ice my cake for tomorrow’s class…

not-too-busy day

Today was pretty uneventful. I worked, then ran a few errands on my way home. I stopped at the grocery to buy some things to bake my cake and make icing for Thursday’s class, went to the bank to deposit two small checks I hadn’t yet, made a couple of other stops, and headed home.

Firefly had started on something in the bathroom but needed the water shut off to some pipes, so I headed into the crawl space. While I was in there I went on an expedition to rescue a dart I had thrown up in there during a drunken game months ago. I was really wishing I had worn gloves and knee pads by the time I crawled out and off the gravel, but my mission was successful.

She finished up what she was working on while I heated up food, and we had a nice dinner of leftover pasta with meatballs and garlic bread. It was very tasty, and then we watched the hockey game. I took advantage of the break between periods to bake my cake for class, which looks (and smells) very yummy.

Hopefully tomorrow we can actually get the toilet set before we head to Firefly’s dart game.

Sometimes I feel so boring, but I’m generally okay with that. I’d much prefer an uneventful day.

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