i’ve been busy.

My cake is done and ready for class tomorrow, and aside from accidentally sticking my finger in it (twice!) while I was icing and some crumbs peeking through I didn’t do too badly. I’m looking forward to the class tomorrow and the time hanging out with Spider. I baked it last night and iced it today, and Firefly had a lovely time snacking on the tops of the layers that I had cut off to even them up. She also amused me with a very funny story about her mom, a Kitche.nAid mixer, and mashed potatoes.

After I finished we ate a quick dinner and headed off to darts. They won 5 of the 7, which I think is great. It was a fun time, and there were a couple of people there that I hadn’t seen in a while–one of whom I miss dearly–so it was nice that they were there. After the game we went home, where Firefly got some things for work and headed off. I worked on a paper for a bit, then took a break to cut up the cauliflower and broccoli she takes to work for lunch and snacks on and clean up the kitchen.

I’m curious to know what the beta numbers are from the draw this morning. So far she’s not feeling too badly, but she’s been very tired. She’s one of those people who, unlike me, can easily function on less than 6 hours of sleep, but she’s been sleeping in more in the mornings (or afternoons I suppose since she sleeps during the day) and has taken a few evening naps. She didn’t have much of an appetite the last few days, not eating all of her lunch and eating smaller portions, although once she got food she was hungry for it. Last night and today her hunger returned, however. She finished all of her lunch and ate again when she got home from work,  snacked on the cake, and had two little deep dish pizzas for dinner (although so did I, heh).

I picked up my cap and gown for graduation today during my lunch hour. I can’t believe I’m almost done–just as long as I get this portfolio finished. Oh, and you should see our bathroom floor! Firefly has been hard at work on it, and it looks awesome. I’ll try to post a picture soon. But not right now. Now I need to get back to this paper…


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