lots to do…

We took some time this afternoon to meet up with Firefly’s best friend from home, as well as her daughter and daughter’s best friend. It was great to see them and do some catching up. We also put all the switches in and installed the lights in the bathroom, and Bennder is here helping Firefly finish the floor. We should be able to grout this week. We still need to get and put up the tile in the shower, but we’re definitely making progress.

Well, I think I’m ready for my presentation on Monday. I still need to finish things up on my portfolio and study for my math final, but I’m getting there. I’m still a little stressed about the portfolio but feeling pretty good about everything else. We’re going to the hockey game tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get most of it done before we go. If not I may end up taking Monday off to finish up. I’ll have all evening that day to study for the math exam and will be able to go after work on Tuesday to take it, which should be fine. The only thing that worries me is how busy the testing center is going to be. I have two hours to take the exam and the center is open until 8. I’m going right from work so that should give me enough time, even if I have to wait in line for a few hours–which I’m hoping won’t be the case, but during finals week you just never know. After that I’ll be done. The only thing left will be walking across the stage on Friday morning. I can’t wait!


2 Responses to “lots to do…”

  1. 1 Nat March 15, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Oooh – walking across the stage!! I’m sooo excited for you!

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