almost there.

We went to the hockey game today, and although the drunk man sitting next to Firefly who kept invading her space and staring at us and the team losing both sucked it was good to get out of the house and get a break from schoolwork. We parked a little farther away and walked so we didn’t have to pay for a spot, and it was a lovely day for it.

I’m still working on finishing things up. I’m hoping to get the portfolio all together tonight, but I think I will probably end up needing to call off and get it all wrapped up tomorrow before I head to campus for my presentation. I have the time and already warned my boss it might happen, and this would be the last time I would need to do it for school (other than taking Friday off for the graduation ceremony). I’m doubting I’ll be able to wrap it up tonight, but I’m still going to try.

We should have the third beta numbers at some point tomorrow. Things still seem to be going smoothly. Firefly didn’t sleep well last night and had some rather vivid dreams, so she ended up sleeping in. It was probably good, though, since she had to go back to work tonight and I was working on a paper anyway. Which, incidentally, I should get back to.


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