happy day.

Could I get any more creative with my post titles? I mean really. Two days in a row with pretty much the same thing? Sheesh.

I took my math exam today. I think I did okay. Not great probably, but I didn’t need to be so I guess there’s that. I’m not too worried for once. Now I just have to wait for my grades to post. And walk on Friday.

Know what I did tonight when I got home from taking my exam? Nothing. Not a thing. Nope. My lovely wife had made dinner so we ate on the couch and watched a show we had recorded, and then we cuddled and I watched another show while she napped. Then I helped her pack her lunch, and when she left for work I watched another show just for the hell of it. Yup. And it was so nice. Tomorrow, Firefly, I promise I’ll do something productive; for tonight, my first homework free night in I don’t know how long, I’m taking full advantage.

Oh, and you know what else was waiting when I got home from my exam? Cards. Three cards, to be exact. One from Firefly’s parents just to me to congratulate me on my graduation, another one from her parents to both of us congratulating us on being parents-to-be (this is big–really, really big), and third from a dear friend and her husband congratulating us as well. I love cards. They make me happy.


2 Responses to “happy day.”

  1. 1 Dawn March 18, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Enjoy it while you can. Very soon you’ll have DVR’d shows that are a month old and no way will you even get to sit by your wife on the couch!

    and congrats on graduating, tis a huge accomplishment!

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