i’ve been busy today.

I was very productive today. I came home from work and it was lovely out, so I decided to clean my car. Well, the inside at least. I got out the trash, which there wasn’t actually much of; took out the things that didn’t need to be in there, like a cup and a renegade roll of toilet paper from a camping trip last fall; organized the glove box; and wiped everything down (which was really what it desperately needed).

I also cleaned the litter boxes and took out the trash from the bathroom (both the one we’re using and the one we’re working on), as well as both our offices and the kitchen. I baked my cupcakes for tomorrow, and since my batch made more than I needed I have some for Spider as well. I still need to frost them, which I’ll be doing momentarily. I also managed to have a yummy pizza dinner and watch the hockey game with Firefly. All in all not too shabby.

Tomorrow my dad is coming over to grout the floor with Firefly, and hopefully we’ll be able to install the vanity, sinks and toilet this weekend. After that it’s putting up the tile in the shower, staining and hanging the doors, and getting the shower rods and shelves in so we can get our clothes out of the spare room and into their spiffy new home. Oh, and I should to go take some pictures before they grout.

Firefly is doing well. Her appetite is coming and going and she’s had a few other symptoms, but so far no morning sickness (knock on wood) although she’s had a few moments of nausea. She does seem to have developed a bit of a sinus thing over the past few days so she decided not to go to darts tonight and have an alternate fill in for her.

I realized tonight that today is an anniversary of sorts. We miss you, D. You are always in our hearts.



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