I went to darts with Firefly tonight. It was fun as usual, and although they only won 3 out of the 7 they were very close on some of the others–including the last game, which went down to the wire–and I was very proud of Firefly, who played very well.

Unfortunately, though, at some point in the evening Firefly lost her cell phone.

We tried calling a friend on the team to see if she was still at the bar. She had already left, but volunteered to go back to look for it since we had to get home so Firefly could leave for work and couldn’t go back ourselves. She got there and looked all around where we were, trying to call the phone to see if she could hear it, asked the other team (who was still there hanging out in the same area) but they hadn’t seen it, walked out to where she had seen our car–while calling to listen for it–but no luck. I tried calling it in the house just to make sure, but she was pretty sure she had it at the bar and I believe her. I called the restaurant where we had eaten before just in case. They hadn’t seen it either, although the man that I talked to was very nice and took my number so he could check again and leave a note for the cleaning guy, and said he would call if it was found. I’m hoping to hear back, but I’m not holding my breath–especially since she thinks she had it after that. I’m not sure if I should call the cell company and have them put a hold on her service so that no one can use it to do anything shady if they come upon it…I think if we don’t have any luck by tomorrow afternoon I’ll look into it.

I haven’t really been talking much about it, but we have the first U/S a week from today. We’re both feeling a little nervous, and I think that we’ll feel a lot more comfortable afterward–assuming of course that everything looks good. I’m excited to see and hear our baby’s heartbeat, and terrified that we won’t. This is normal, right? After six long months of trying, to finally have it happen (and on a cycle that I was afraid was doomed to failure because of the timing issue with the trigger shot) still doesn’t really feel quite…real. If that makes any sense at all. I don’t know. And now I’m babbling. Which is normal for me, I suppose.

Okay, I’m going to try to stop thinking about all of that and go ice my cake for tomorrow’s class…


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