We found Firefly’s phone! We decided to go back to the bar where they played just to check, and it had fallen down into the chair she was sitting in. It was a cushy one, and her phone is really small so it slid down pretty deep into it. With all the music playing our friend just couldn’t hear it though the cushion and she didn’t see it when she checked there. Yay!

We spent the rest of the evening clipping coupons and making a grocery list for tomorrow, and I did the dishes and wiped down the kitchen counter. We’re so exciting. She’s been really tired today, and her hunger seems to be coming and going in spurts. Right now she’s watching some TV on the couch. We’ll worry about doing any more cleaning tomorrow, although the house isn’t too bad really.

Oh, and I chatted with her mom for a little while on the phone. She called to wish me a happy birthday, because she realized that she hadn’t sent the card they had for me. She actually had it when they sent the other two, but had set the birthday card aside because she didn’t want all three to come at the same time. We also finalized our plans for Easter–or rather the weekend before since that’s when we’ll be going up. It should be fun–and hopefully we’ll have something to show from the U/S on Wednesday.

And now I’m off to go spend some time with my lovely wife.


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