weekend fun

It’s been a nice weekend. Yesterday we got a new set of towels for the bathroom and got the toilet in and working. We also did a little bit of cleaning up, and Firefly took a nap before we had some friends over to celebrate my birthday and graduation, and Bean’s birthday. It was a small crowd, but we had a good time.

Today we slept in and decided we wanted to watch a movie rather than work on the bathroom before we went to the hockey game. It was some weird thing about a se.rial ki.ller who gets caught by a photographer guy and creepy adventure ensues. It was interesting, although we got really freaked out at one point when we thought we heard something in the house. Turns out it was just one of the cats who had found a balloon that Firefly discovered outside when she got the paper. She scared herself (the cat, not Firefly) and went tearing into the back of the house, apparently dragging it with her because she had been chewing on the string. We found her under the bed, and were much relieved once we figured out what it was. I’m sure the fact that we were watching a creepy movie didn’t help.

We’ve got a busy week coming up. Firefly is trying to decide if she should take Wednesday night off of work. She’s concerned about saving her time for when she really needs it later on–especially since work has been slow, and there haven’t been any opportunities for her to bank any extra time–but she has an appointment with the opht.halmologist, where she’ll have her eyes dilated, and the U/S, then darts that evening (although there is an alternate on standby since she doesn’t know how quickly her eyes will get back to normal). She’s going to try to get the eye appointment moved, but we’re not sure she’ll be able to. In any case she won’t be able to really rest at all, and she’s been so tired lately. I told her I think she should. After the U/S, we’re either going to be really, really excited and want to have some time to celebrate together, or really, really not excited and need some time alone just the two of us–another good reason for having that alternate ready to play.


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