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check it out!

See? Lots of daisies:


I know, I know, it’s a little washed out. Sorry. Here’s a little better view of the basket weave:


Okay, still not great but you get the idea. It was fun, and I really like how the flowers stand out against the darker icing. We’re going to try to take it with us on our mini-vacation as a little wedding gift for the brides. We’ll see if it survives the trip!


work, broccoli, and cake.

Work is just plain sucking this week. The internet went down for the third time this week, and almost everything I do is online. If I don’t do my job, people don’t get paid–and obviously I’ve got strict deadlines. So instead of heading home to relax I gathered up the things that I had to finish today and hauled them home, where I spent another two hours working before the system closed. I finished everything, but just barely. At least I’m going to be getting time for it.

I didn’t finish until 7, which was okay because Firefly was just getting up. I’m not even sure what we did, other than talk about some plans for this weekend’s trip. And she put in some laundry. Which I need to go check on…

Oh, and she realized that she’s got a food aversion: broccoli. More specifically, raw broccoli heads. The stems are fine, but for some reason she’s really not wanting to eat the rest–which is just fine for me, because I don’t like the stems. But, it’s interesting.

After she left I made my icing and frosted the cake. I think it tastes yummy by itself, and it’s even better with the cake top that I cut off so it’s a nice combination. I decided to make a layered cake, so I split each cake into two for four layers total. I think I made the icing just a smidge on the thin side, but it seems to be holding up fine. We’ll see tomorrow!

i like daisies.

Lots of daisies!


I don’t have a lot of colors, but I think this is good. I had to make the orange myself (all I have is the primaries and green), so I’m glad it’s a decent shade. My cake is baking now–butter pecan–and I’ve decided I’m going to make a chocolate mocha icing tomorrow. I think it’ll be fun and make the colors pop, not to mention tasty.

We decided to let the tile sit for another day and plan on starting to grout tomorrow. I’ll also need to frost the cake, but really I can do that after Firefly leaves for work.

We also need to start getting things together for our mini-vacation this weekend. I’ve had such a rough week at work, and I’m seriously thinking I’m going to take Monday off in addition to Friday. Firefly will be off Sunday night, too, and it will be nice to be able to have time to relax together and get unpacked–and not have to get up early and leave my lovely wife alone in bed. We get few enough nights as it is…

Oh! There goes my timer!


We finished the tile! Hooray! Well, we got it all up, including the back splash for the vanity and the one teeny tiny little tile that’s been missing in the other bathroom. Next is grout. Once that’s done we need to set the sinks, hook up the faucets, and put up both shower heads and we’ll have a fully functioning bathroom–although we’ll still need to finish up the closet, hang the mirror,  polyurethane the doors (well, I will), and get them up. That’s not much, right?

I do have lots of stuff to do to get ready for my cake class on Thursday. Like, you know, bake a cake and get some flowers ready. I also need to start getting stuff together for our trip this weekend–which, let me tell you, after the week I’m already having (and it’s only Monday…) I am so ready for a nice vacation. Oh! And I almost forgot: I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at work today on top of all the other crap that’s been going on. I had to go out during my lunch break to replace a rather necessary item before I got stabbed. Fun.

Okay, now I’m going to get back to something productive. And not a game or anything…

today was busy.

Well, the best laid plans and all that…we didn’t get the tile finished. But we will tomorrow! I swear!

We did take my vehicle (well, the one I drive) in for its 3-year/30k mile service at noon, which took a lot longer than we were expecting. Of course, we didn’t realize they’d be doing quite as much as they did, either. We had planned to go to the first game of the softball season even though Firefly isn’t playing this year, but by the time we got out of there we wouldn’t have gotten to the field before it was over.

We’re going out of town next weekend for a friend’s wedding and need outfits to wear, so we decided to go shopping instead of heading right home since we weren’t going to make the game. We were quite successful, which is always nice–especially since I am easily discouraged when it comes to shopping. Both of us found a new outfit and shoes, and I found a few new things for work as well.

We came home and had some dinner, and then Firefly took a nap for a couple of hours and kept poking me with her feet while I watched some show about the end of the world. It was nice. No, really; even the part where I was being poked. Okay, that sounds dirty but really it wasn’t. Anyway, now it’s time for me to take a nap until tomorrow morning. It’s been super hot here today–just 3 degrees under the record. I have the overhead fan on in the bedroom and hope I can sleep…


Well I had a crap day at work yesterday. Then I went and hung out with Spider for a couple of hours and had dinner with Bennder and girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet so at least it improved.

Today was much better. Firefly and I mowed the lawn and did some weedwacking, then headed out to do a round of disc golf. We decided to have an impromptu cookout since the weather is so lovely, and we’re currently sitting around a fire having a good time and enjoying the evening and company.

Tomorrow we’re finishing up some things in the bathroom and hopefully will be grouting on Monday. Yay!

yup, we like her.

The OB was very nice and engaging and joked around a bit with us which was great and put me, at least, at ease. We both liked her a lot. Definitely made up for the weird telephone dealings Firefly had. The woman at the front desk was very nice as well, although I wasn’t too impressed with the nurse who brought us back. Not that she was mean or anything, just kind of…indifferent? Standoffish? Something. I don’t know.

Firefly answered a few questions, had to in a cup, got weighed and had her blood pressure checked, and then had to have the requisite female exam, which as we all know is oh so fun. I suppose I shouldn’t assume that we all know, as I have no idea who is actually reading this blog and I could have some huge male cult following. Somehow I doubt that, though. And you know what I mean, I think, regardless.

We also, after a little trying, got to hear the heartbeat again–albeit briefly. It was a little nerve wracking at first because it took her a while to find it, and Firefly’s heartbeat was getting tangled with it. But it was a lovely sound and it’s so comforting to have heard it again.

And there’s my report. Now off to bed!

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