I had a crappy day at work. I hate it when other people do stupid things that make my job harder. And I really hate when “other people” really means my boss.

Bean and Badger were over at the house when I got home. Firefly and Bean were working on the tile in the bathroom–which is almost done!–and Badger was doing homework in the dining room, so I changed clothes and went outside to pick up sticks and hauled the cans out for collection tomorrow morning. Bean and Badger left to go meet up with my parents for dinner, which we were invited to, but Firefly and I decided to stay in. She really wanted a shower and some time to relax before work, and we wanted to watch some hockey. I made dinner (yes, really I did) while she cleaned up and we spent the rest of the evening on the couch.

Tomorrow is darts, but Thursday is what I’m really looking forward to: the first appointment with the OB. Eek! We need to get the paperwork from the donor together to take. They’ll have Firefly’s file from the RE. Anything we need to bring that we might not think of, or questions we need to ask? Damn. Now I’m feeling all unprepared and stuff.


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