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where are my sunglasses?

Oh my goodness, I feel like crap today. We had a busy day yesterday and finished it off at a friend’s house sitting around a fire with a few drinks. Well, not Firefly, but everyone else.

Or in my case, a lot of drinks. Strong drinks. Probably more alcohol than I’ve ever had in any one sitting.

Don’t let other people make your drinks for you.

I don’t even remember half of the night. Ugh. This is why I’m not a big drinker.

I think I was still drunk when I got up this morning.

And apparently I’m going to do drag.


note to self

Don’t turn on funny videos and proceed to laugh hysterically, thereby causing your wife to laugh hysterically.

At least not when she’s been having round ligament pain.

But don’t worry, she will forgive you because she loves you and you make her happy.

lots of baby stuff. and a little cake stuff.

Okay, first of all a big, huge congratulations to Bree from Project Kjetil. After much trying and heartbreak, she has some news to be joyful about: beautiful Beta numbers that are doubling just as they should. Sending lots of good vibes your way!

This was a big baby day for us, too. I got home from work to find a box on the front steps. It was a package from Firefly’s work health initiative that she had registered for earlier this week after a coworker told her about it. We opened up the box to find the Mayo Clinic pregnancy book, the Dr Spock baby book, a bunch of other little booklets, a small insulated cooler for carrying bottles and other assorted things that’s actually really cool, a onsie, and a bib–all for free. Pretty awesome!

Then we headed out to the OB’s office. We had to wait around for awhile, as seems to be the case generally when going to the doctor. Finally we were ushered into the back where Firefly had to do the requisite peeing and weighing and blood pressure stuff. She also had to have one of the tests from the last time redone, because apparently the new lab that the doctor switched to didn’t do two of the tests she had requested with the last one.

And then we got to hear the heartbeat again. I swear that’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

She said everything looks and sounds great, and Firefly is gaining weight exactly as she should. We’re scheduled back in four weeks to have the monthly follow-up exam, and also the 20-week ultrasound. We should be able to find out what we’re having–assuming the baby cooperates!

I also had my cake class tonight. I got there a little early–traffic was actually good this evening–and was the first one there. I decided to just take my stuff on back to the classroom and set up my space, and when I walked in the teacher sad “oh, good, I was hoping to be able to talk to you.” Apparently another store nearby has a teacher that’s leaving and contacted my instructor to see if she was interested. She already teaches quite a few and doesn’t have room in her schedule for more, but asked if I would be interested. So now I have that to think about as well. Firefly says she’s fine with it and it would be nice to earn a bit of extra money–plus I think it would be fun–but with so much going on and getting ready for the baby I’m just not sure…

oh, hey!

I forgot to say what else came yesterday. My diploma, nestled in a fancy poufy embossed folder thingy. I’m officially a graduate. Woot!

Bean and I went to the gym today after I finished at work. It’s been good and I’m enjoying going again, but right now it’s really just showing me how out of shape I really am. I’m pooped.

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow we have our appointment with the OB, so I should have more of an update then. Goodnight!


Well the new engine for the lawn mower arrived today, and the diaper bag I ordered has shipped and should be here on Friday. Unfortunately the engine didn’t get here until after 1 this afternoon. Firefly had to sign for it, so she only got a short nap this morning then waited up for it. As a consequence, she didn’t get to bed until around 1:30 and was still sleeping soundly when I got home–late–from work. By the time she got up and we got dinner made it was too late to work on the sinks. Tomorrow, I say. Then again, we shall see.

Firefly’s belly definitely seems to be rounding out now. It seemed to pop overnight this weekend. The baby’s ears are developed now and I’ve been saying hello now and again–although truth be told I’ve been doing that since the beginning, even knowing that the little thing couldn’t hear me yet. I even got one of out kitties to say hello this evening.

Did I say I had a dream about the baby the other night? I did. I was holding him, and there was no one else there but the three of us. He was so beautiful and perfect that I cried. Obviously we don’t know yet if our little one is a boy or girl, but in my dream it was a boy. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

busy day.

Well Bean ended up bailing on me for the gym this morning because she hurt her knee over the weekend, but I went anyway. It was good. I’m not feeling it too badly but feeling enough. We’ll see how I am tomorrow…

I went in to work afterward for about four hours and got quite a bit done so that’s good. It’s going to be a busy week. I also had a nice long chat with our new CFO, who also happened to be in today. He’s a good guy.

On the home front, we got the sinks set in the bathroom yesterday and today we got the faucets in and all hooked up. We plan on hooking up the drain tomorrow and could have working sinks by tomorrow night. Woohoo!

I’ve also spent some time since Firefly left for work looking over some of the booklets and things we got from the doctor on our last visit. We were thinking earlier that we need to get out a copy of her medical power of attorney to take in with us on Thursday so they can put it in her file. We don’t need to be worrying about that later when we might really need it. I need to remember to do that…

Oh! And I almost forgot! We went disc golfing this afternoon, and I came in under par for the first time ever. Go me!


Tomorrow morning I’m getting up bright and early and meeting Bean at the gym. We went twice last week, and I went for a long walk/my-version-of-running-that-isn’t-really-running-yet on one of the other days. I have no stamina. I will, though. I just have to work up to it.

I’m also going to go in to work for a little bit even though it’s a holiday. I have some things that I really need to get done, as well as some time sensitive projects, so I’m just going to go after the gym. It’s right around the corner, and no one will be there anyway since it’s the holiday so I don’t have to worry too much about looking nice. I’ll still get my normal holiday pay, and I’ll get some time banked to use later on.

Oh, but guess what I did today? I ordered a diaper bag. Firefly’s been looking all over for something nice that isn’t too girly or goofy and found one she really likes. I found a discount code for the site, so I went ahead and ordered it since I don’t know if we’ll find one again and it was a pretty good discount. Yay!

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