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Today we had the 20 week appointment that was postponed from last week by the doctor’s office, so I took off work early to pick Firefly up from home and head in to the office.

Only when we got there, it turned out that they had scheduled her for the downtown office. I’m not sure why, since that office is at least twice as far for us and the only appointment we’ve had there was the U/S–and that was only because they don’t do them at the office by our house. The woman who works the desk was very nice and rescheduled us for Thursday even though they didn’t actually have any openings. Ah well. At least I’ll get a head start on the holiday weekend, and get to leave work early for a second time this week.

Since we were thwarted in our plans and were already in the general area we decided to go get Firefly her new work boots, and then we were off for an early dinner and to the grocery for a bit of shopping.

After we put everything away we hung the closet doors in the master bathroom and got them all adjusted. It looks nice and we’re glad to have another thing marked off the list. I’m hoping to get the last coat on the main bathroom door tonight–although I’ve spent the last few hours making roses for my cake on Thursday and I still have quite a few to go. If I can get the door done we could get it up tomorrow or Thursday, and that would get it out of the way and a bit more protected. At the very least we want to get it hung before we head up to her parents’ house sometime on Friday.

Okay. I’m going to get back to my roses so I can try to get to the door. I’ll take a picture of them when I finish. The roses, not the door. Actually, I’ll probably take a picture of that, too, once it’s up.


happy birthday, bennder!

Today is Bennder’s birthday. Hooray! We met up with her and girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet for dinner, who surprised Bennder by inviting a bunch of friends along as well. A wonderful time was had by all. Here’s to a wonderful birthday for her!

just a little fyi

In case you follow the blog through a reader or haven’t noticed it yet, I finally got a page together for our remodeling project in the guest bath if you’re interested in taking a look. You can get to it through a new link on the “our projects” page, or click right into the sub-page from the pages sidebar on the right.

I’ll be working on getting a page up for the master bathroom as well, but it will be a little while probably. Progress.

making progress.

Well, two coats down on the door and I plan to do the third (and final) tonight before I head off to bed. I should be able to flip the door and do the other side in the darker stain when I get home from work tomorrow. I’ll be going to the gym after work, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get both coats done on that. It takes about 6 hours between coats instead of the 3-4 that the polyurethane does, so we’ll see. If I can get home and get to it by six it might very well happen.

I went to the baby shower this afternoon while Firefly slept, and when I got there I got a big hug from my friend and a gift! I was like “what are you doing? I’m the one who’s supposed to bring you a gift!” But she said she couldn’t resist and wanted to get us a “hooray!” present. I only peeked a little (I saw something green but that’s about it) and opened it with Firefly when I got home. It was a little bathtub warm cover thing that looks like a frog, and a super cute outfit set with two shirts–a blue short sleeved one with a monkey on it, and a blue and brown striped long sleeved one–and brown pants with monkeys on the feet. So cute!

This evening we went to Dee and Pia’s house. She sat and chatted with some folks, and I spent some time in the pool hanging out with a friend of ours. We were talking about cloth diapering, and she said that although she had fully intended to do it she never did, between her son being in the hospital for about a month after he was born and being pretty sick herself after. She still has a bunch of diapers and things that she got that were never used and offered to pass them on, which is awesome.

Um…I think that’s it for tonight. I’m going to go check on that door.

20 weeks!

I can’t believe it! Today Firefly is 20 weeks pregnant. We are, quite literally, at the halfway mark of this pregnancy. It’s so amazing to be at this point. And a bit scary and overwhelming, truth be told. I can’t wait for this little guy to be here, but I feel like we have so much to do! We do have so much to do!

At least I finished the closet doors. I’ll be putting the first coat on one side of the other door tonight, and the second and third tomorrow. It’ll be nice to get those done. Of course then I have the other side of the door and all of the baseboard and trim to do, and I’m on my own since Firefly isn’t supposed to be doing the staining and polyurethane because of the fumes. Still. One more thing done is one step closer to other, more important things. Like a nursery.

I also might play around with some icing tonight. I have an idea for my cake this week thanks to Firefly, who is my go-to person for ideas because she’s awesome and always gives me great inspiration. So here’s the idea: since I can’t take the cake in to work on Friday with it being a holiday here and all, I’ll be taking it with us when we go to visit Firefly’s family over the weekend to celebrate her cousin’s birthday. So, since his birthday–and therefore the big shindig–are happening on the fourth, why not go all out and decorate it 4th of July-style. A bit cheesy maybe, but fitting. And I think it’ll be fun.

So, here’s the question: I have an idea for the bottom tier involving blue fondant and white stars/fireworks (if I can pull it off), but the top tier I’m a little more up in the air on. I’m going to try to drape a flag, but I’ll need to do something to cover where the flag starts. I was thinking do some yellow roses to cover it–you know, kind of like a yellow ribbon tip of the hat–but Firefly thinks that’s more of a memorial day thing and isn’t sure it would look good, and the back half of the cake still won’t really have anything. If I don’t do that, though, then I’m sort of at a loss. I don’t want to do what I’m doing on the bottom on both layers. So…do I do the yellow roses, or do I keep trying to come up with something else? Or do I say to heck with it, it’s the back and no one is going to be looking there anyway? Or does someone else have a better idea?

Okay, I lied. That’s three questions. I’ll leave you to ponder them while I work on the door.

lots to do…

The AC is still out at my gym. It’s a bit miserable trying to exercise when you’re dripping sweat and sticking to the machines. When I got home I was so stinky. It was not pretty.

We were thinking about going downtown this evening to check out the goings on at the arena what with the draft starting today and all, as well as a big festival happening this weekend, but by the time I showered and we would have been ready to go it was a bit late and Firefly had to work tonight. Instead we headed out to run some errands and get some dinner.

We returned a few things at the hardware store and picked up a few more, and while we were at it we picked up some paint chips for the baby’s room. We’ve now got a plethora of yellow swatches to go through. Hooray! We also went in search of cake pans for me in some different sizes from what I have. We did find what I need, but I’ll go back later to pick them up. I’ve got another place I want to check for prices first because although I have a coupon for the first place, I think I have a better coupon for the other–and I’m cheap. Or frugal. Or whatever.

We also went to pick up a gift for a baby shower this weekend. Of course, Firefly accidentally threw away the invite when she was cleaning the kitchen, so now I’m trying to find out the details of where/when. Oops.

While we were picking up the gift we looked around at furniture for a bit, and a few other things. I’m ready to start looking at things, but we really need to finish this bathroom before we start distracting ourselves with cuteness. Speaking of which, I’ve got some things I need to finish tonight…


Thanks for all the well wishes. We are thrilled, as I’m sure you can imagine!

I can’t explain how amazing it was to see our little boy moving around, or how madly in love I am with Firefly–and with our little boy already. Wow. Just wow.

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