well look what i did!


I made my wife dinner! Okay, my food pictures always seem to turn out crappy. And I really need to put away those wine glasses. I don’t even drink wine, and obviously Firefly isn’t at the moment, which gives you an idea of just how long they’ve been out. Well, since Mother’s Day, I believe. Man I hate that weird pink counter.

Anyway, it’s Chicken Parmesan with whole grain pasta and a garlic bread loaf thing–which I admittedly did not make, it was purchased at the grocery and placed in the oven by Firefly. She also put the pasta on. And started the sauce because she’s picky and makes it just the way she likes. Which is good, because that happens to be just the way I like.

I did, however: clean the chicken; make my own breadcrumbs, from croutons that I made a while ago out of a loaf of garlic bread we hadn’t finished–you know the kind that you bake that has the huge cloves of roasted garlic in it? So tasty; bread and cook the chicken; finish up the sauce; and set it all simmering in the pan. Which is a lot more than I usually do on my own, and it was fun. And I didn’t have to ask too many questions. I’m trying!

And it was goooooood.


1 Response to “well look what i did!”

  1. 1 mommie2be June 5, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    yummmmm! i’m eating an apple that i’m now going to pretend is your chicken parm. it looks amazing.

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