girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet is old. but not really.

We had a pretty eventful day today. I slept in a bit, and then we made strawberry shortcake for breakfast. Firefly says that when she was a kid they only had strawberry shortcake for dessert. Then again she also says that she doesn’t really remember eating much fruit in general, so when they had it, it was a treat.We used to have strawberry shortcake for dinner sometimes, and I always loved it–but the real stuff, with shortcake biscuits not that sponge crap. Anyway, it was a very tasty breakfast.

After we ate we grouted the shower and oh, my goodness, it took a long time. We used more grout in the shower than we did on the counter and the floors in the shower, bathroom, and closet combined. By the end Firefly was really worn out, so she went and rested while I wiped everything down. It looks great. Now we have to wait a couple of days to seal it, and after that we’ll be able to put up the shower heads and actually use it! Other than that the only things left in there are the wood trim and getting the doors up.

We’ve been spending the evening at Bennder and girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet’s house to celebrate girlfriend-who-does-not-have-a-nickname-yet’s birthday–which is actually today. I went last night on my way home from work to pick up the gift that Firefly found for her, and she loved it. It’s always good when people like the birthday gift you got for them. Or any gift, really.

I should probably get back to the party now…


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