pickles and cake.

I got held up at work today, I still don’t feel like I can really get a good breath and this cough is just hanging on, and to top it all off I think I might be getting an ear infection even though I just finished a course of antibiotics. So I didn’t make it in to the gym or get started on the sanding. Instead I came home and had a grumpy argument with my wife. I hate grumpy arguments. They suck.

So she headed off to darts and I headed off to the grocery to get some fruit (how do we go through it so quickly?) and some cake-making supplies. I came home and put things away, then puttered around for a bit on the computer before heading back into the kitchen. Firefly called while I was making pickles to tell me how they did (they won 4 of 7), and to tell me all about the things she had read in one of our books about what the baby can do/see/hear/feel at this point, and how the baby will start being able to actually taste what she’s eating in the next few weeks. How cool is that? Apparently she spent part of the afternoon catching up on her reading.

After we hung up I finished with the pickles and cleaned up, then mixed up the cake and popped it in the oven. I’m waiting for it to cool now so I can ice it in preparation for my class tomorrow. It’s supposed to look like a present, which is kind of fun–although it’s square and we didn’t have two square cake pans, so that was part of the supplies I had to get. One of my coworkers has a birthday over the weekend, so I’m going to take it in to her on Friday.

My hands smell like vinegar. I would like to eat a pickle now, but they won’t be ready for a few days at least. It’s a shame really.

One week from today we go in for the big U/S. We’re 150 days away from the due date. 10 more days and we will, quite literally, be halfway there. I can’t believe it.


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