ticket to ride.

Hey, guess what someone left for us while we were in the grocery this afternoon?


Hooray, we got a ticket to heaven! Unfortunately we only got one, but Firefly is so gracious she told me I could have it. It seems, though, that neither of us will meet the requirements spelled out on the back. It’s that whole gay thing. You know how it is.

We had a really busy day yesterday and were out of the house for most of it between a hockey thing, something else that I can’t remember (anyone seen my short-term memory?), the home show, and Dee and Pia’s for some hanging out. In the evening we headed down to a fundraiser for a local theatre I used to do a lot of work with. We were so pooped by the end of the day, but we had a good time with everything. We were both very happy to climb into bed, though.

Today was pretty busy, too. We went to church this morning, had brunch out afterward, and then went to the grocery. We came home to put everything away and were thinking about going out to play a round of disc golf, but Firefly’s back has been really bothering her the last week or so and it looked like rain so we decided against it. I need to call tomorrow to make an appointment with a chiropractor for her. I think one the one near our house does prenatal appointments–and they’re family-friendly, if you know what I mean. We stayed in and got a little bit done in the bathroom, then made this for dinner:


Apparently we’re on a roll with the tasty food. And I’m still taking crappy pictures of it. We’ve got some asparagus that needs cooked up, too. I think we’re going to have that tomorrow with some chicken breast and pasta.

Oh, I remember! Apparently my memory was right here after all. We got our hair cut. We are some hot lesbians now!

Oh! And I can see the baby moving from the outside now, although it’s not too obvious yet. If I wasn’t looking for it I wouldn’t be able to see it. So weird, but so cool!


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