getting things ready.

I have so much to do to get ready for this camping trip. On top of that, Firefly’s mom and aunts are coming for a visit on Friday. Her aunts have never been to our house, so they’re coming down in the morning for a tour and then lunch before we hit the road. We’ve gotten a little cleaning done and aren’t going to go crazy trying to make everything spotless, but we do want to get some basics done like sweeping and making sure things in the bedroom are where they should be. We’re not going to worry about the offices. They’re beyond help for this visit.

I do have my clothes together for the trip so that’s done at least, and I’ve gotten some of the stuff we’re taking together in a tote. We’ll have some other things to gather and need to get food together, but that will happen tomorrow evening. I am a little disappointed because I found out tonight that some friends of ours that we adore who moved out of state will not be able to come back for the trip this weekend like we were hoping. I was really looking forward to spending time with them but they have a family commitment. It’s the first time they’ll be missing it, and I miss them bunches and bunches.

On the home front, my dad is coming over tomorrow to get some moulding up in the bathroom. We got waylaid over the last week by some things he had on his schedule, but we’re on for sure and I’m hoping we can make some progress before he has to head off to whatever exciting thing he has scheduled for the evening. What we don’t get done tomorrow we’ll be finishing up on Monday, and we’re also hoping to have the final inspection then. We’re so close to being done I can taste it. While it’s great to be able to do this stuff ourselves and we’re saving a lot of money on labor costs (and getting exactly what we want), one of the downsides is that major projects like this can drag on forever. For. Ever. By the time you get near the finish line you’re so over it and ready to move on it isn’t funny.

I just want to start thinking about baby things and nursery furniture and paint colors and getting things ready.


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