our weekend.

Friday was a nice night at the campground. We got there before anyone else, so we got first pick of tent spots which was nice. Dee and Pia showed up with another friend of ours about half an hour after us, so we all set up our gear and just hung out waiting for other people to show up. We had a lovely campfire and stayed up late, and for the first time in a long time we weren’t one of the last people up–in fact, we were awoken a few times by some of the late revelry.

Yesterday we got up pretty early and the group got ready to go. We walked up to the front of the grounds with everyone so that we could pay for our site and they could head off on the river. Firefly said she thought the hardest part of the trip would be not drinking while everyone else was, but actually it turned out to be watching everyone else head out on the bus for the drop-off point. The only consolation was that they had to deal with heavy downpours.

After they left we headed out to get some breakfast and bait, then headed to the lake for some fishing. It rained off and on all morning, and around 1 in the afternoon it looked like this:


A torrential downpour soon followed. We gave up on fishing and headed to the antique mall/flea market nearby to dry off and wander around. And get some ice cream, of course.

When we got back to the campsite a few of our friends had made it back–but only because they bailed out less than halfway through, they were so cold and the weather was so bad. It was still raining heavily off and on, so we tried to stay dry under the canopy we had set up the night before. Once the rain tapered off we fished the river at our campsite and watched for our friends until Firefly got hungry and I lost my bobber.

We decided to go out for dinner since we had no idea when we would be able to get a fire going. The evening cleared up nicely in the end, so we did get to have a couple of s’mores. And I found this little guy hanging out behind our car:


I found him when I happened to catch him in my flashlight beam. I’m amazed this picture came out as well as it did, considering it was taken around 9:45 pm.

Anyway, this morning we got everything packed up and all headed out for a group breakfast before hitting the road. We got everything unloaded and then headed right back out again to go watch the softball game. Now we’re tired girls, and are very happy neither of us has to work. Yay!


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