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Hey, you know what we did on Saturday? Besides make a cake for Dawn and go to her graduation party?

We went on a tour of the maternity center at the hospital. Can I just say it was so amazing and I’m so glad that we’re going with this hospital? Besides the facts that it is the closest hospital to our house, in between our house and Firefly’s work, and on the way into town for her parents, it’s also the newest hospital in the city.

Have you ever been to a hospital that doesn’t use its intercom system? It is so quiet it’s unbelievable. The staff all have these little things on their lapels that they get paged through individually. Your call button in your room goes directly to the nurse assigned to you, so when you page it goes to them immediately. Pretty cool!

Also, the labor and delivery area and the mothers and infants area both have an outdoor garden. If you’re not on bedrest, you can actually get up and go out there while you’re laboring to get fresh air–although I’m not sure Firefly will be able to since it will be November and all. Your family can also go out there for some fresh air–and to give you a break, heh.

All the labor/delivery suites have a pull out couch, a television, a restroom with a huge shower, and a small refrigerator for labor partners. They also have a warming table so they can check baby out right away and then put him right on your chest for kangaroo care. They are all about kangaroo care. They also have a midwife on staff, so if your doctor is late or isn’t able to get there right away you can have the midwife work with you until she does.

And, this is one of the best parts I think: there is no transitional room. When you go to your room, baby goes with you, right from labor and delivery into the mothers and infants area. They weigh and measure baby and give him his first bath right at your bedside. They’ve also got the rooms arranged so that they can pull two curtains and you’re totally private with the doctor or nurse, so they don’t have to kick your family out every time they come in to check on things and they don’t have to squeeze through the crowd of family. They also have pull out sleeper sofas and a large bathroom, as well as a TV, and all the areas have WiFi so I’ll be able to update¬† right away! If, of course, I’m not too distracted by my beautiful wife and son. I’ll do what I can.



Firefly and I spent the morning prepping our bedroom for painting and the afternoon priming everything. Yay! Of course now all the furniture is pushed together off to one side. I can just see myself waking up in a daze and rolling over to get up and right into the wall. Heh. We’ll be working on it more on Tuesday and hopefully finishing by the weekend, but we’ve got a busy week ahead.

We’ve made a plan into next weekend, although we need to decide if we’re going to do anything for her birthday on Saturday. She’s going tomorrow for her massage, and said that next weekend all she wants to do is get things done around the house. I’d like to at least have a nice dinner to celebrate, but I’m all for just staying in and getting things done. She’s actually working all weekend which kind of sucks, but it’s a holiday weekend so it’s worth it, and the last chance she’s likely to have (or want!) to work overtime before the monkey gets here.

yay, dawn!

You know my friend Dawn? The one who recommended the masseuse to me for Firefly? Well, she graduated last weekend with her master’s degree. We’re all very proud of her and think she’s a pretty awesome chick. She had a little party today to celebrate, so after checking in with her wife on some specifics I made her this cake:


Here’s a little close up on the cap:


There was a bit of a fiasco last night that led to me having to completely remake half of it (let’s just say that I should stick with what I know when it comes to greasing pans). Good thing I had extra on hand! Luckily Firefly was able to save me–and the other half–so I didn’t have to remake that one, too, especially since I didn’t have supplies to remake that one.

The cake was one half butter pecan and the other lemon. I don’t have a book cake pan, so last night I baked the halves separately, stacked and hand carved it, then frosted it with buttercream. I covered it with fondant today and scored it around the edges with my small frosting knife to make it look more like pages. I used gold shimmer dust on the pages, and the writing is piped on buttercream that I colored a lighter blue. The graduation cap was a chocolate cupcake turned upside down, iced with buttercream and then covered with fondant. The top of the cap was a fondant/gumpaste blend to add some stiffness (and I am amazed that I was able to match the color with the bottom perfectly), and the tassel was gumpaste that I colored yellow and then brushed with gold shimmer dust–although I made it ahead of time and set it to dry, then put it on in the car when we got there, so as you can see it was a little bit too long. Oh well!

I used up the rest of the blue icing on the cupcakes–that I had baked in gold foil cups–and took the whole batch to the party, too. It was all a big hit.

Congrats, Dawn! You rock!

stormy night.

Today went pretty fast at work. Nothing too major and no catastrophes, although we did have a fire drill. Luckily the huge storm that hit us didn’t move in until later in the day, so I wasn’t stuck outside in the pouring rain. It’s been a lightening-filled night, although at this point it seems to have passed over. I suppose we’ll find out.

Firefly and I ran a couple of errands this evening, then stopped for food on the way home. I’ve spent most of the rest of the evening in and out of the kitchen. I had a bit of a fiasco, but it seems like everything is going to work out. Nothing I can do at this point but wait and see.

Firefly had really wanted to prep for priming our bedroom today. She got a bunch done before I got home, but we didn’t get back to it at all. I’m hoping we can finish up tomorrow and prime it all on Sunday, but tomorrow’s going to be a busy day.

That’s really all that’s been going on. Now I should get back to the kitchen!

getting closer

We had the last monthly appointment with the OB today, and everything is still measuring perfectly even though Firefly still isn’t showing much. We got some recommendations for a pediatrician from her so we can decide on one before the little monkey gets here. After this we’ll be on bi-weekly visits. Which I just said yesterday. Oh well. Anyway. He’ll be here before we know it!


I made an appointment for Firefly next week with the masseuse. It was the earliest she could fit her in. Her shoulder was feeling a little better today, although it flared up a bit this evening.

She took advantage of more awake time today to put a last coat of mud on some spots that needed patched in our bedroom. We’re planning to prime in there this weekend. It would be awesome if we could get it painted, too, but we’ve got a busy one so I doubt it.

We’re rather booked up on Saturday, with a tour of the maternity center at the hospital followed by a party to celebrate a friend’s master’s degree! Oh yeah, she’s awesome.

Tomorrow we have the last monthly appointment with the OB, and then she moves to bi-weekly appointments. I can’t believe we’re getting so close! We’re less than 12 weeks from the due date. Less than 3 months. More than 2/3 of the way there. Crazy.

stupid shoulder.

Firefly and I got a lot more done in the basement today. We’ve now gone through everything and just need to do some organizing. We’ve got bunches of things to bring up and try to sell at a friend’s garage sale. She’s invited us to bring stuff and set up a table, but at this point I’m afraid we actually have too much! We might try to have our own here and whatever is left take to her place, but we’re kind of out of the way for things like that and I for one don’t want to pay for an ad for it.

Her shoulder is still really bothering her. So much so that she actually called off work tonight, which means it’s bad. I must admit that I’m going to enjoy being able to cuddle tonight, although I wish it was for different reasons. I have a call in to the masseuse a friend referred, but Firefly just gave me a list last night of when she has things, so I wasn’t able to call until today and I haven’t heard back yet. I’ll try again in the morning.

Maybe I’ll actually be able to sleep tonight. It always seems easier when she’s here.

She had a craving for brownies, so we made one with a layer of chocolate chip cookie on top. It’s just out of the oven and smells so good! I think I’m going to go have a piece and spend some time with my wife.

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