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sundays are not for resting at this house.

It is terribly hot and humid here today. We were out and about quite a bit running errands and grabbing lunch. While we were at it we decided to get some frozen custard. It was so good, especially with the weather. It hasn’t abated yet, either; Firefly hadn’t been at work for half an hour when she sent me a text saying that it’s miserable there.

We got a lot accomplished, though, besides just lunch. We filled up my gas tank, dropped off a bunch of recycling, got a replacement battery for her watch, and got paint chips for the bedroom.

We got quite a bit done indoors, as well. We looked through the paint chips with our furniture and some artwork that we’ll be hanging in there and decided on colors (or rather which shades of a particular color). We’ve also been using the future nursery as a bit of a staging area for all the work we’ve been doing in the bathrooms, but now that we’re pretty much finished we got a good start on getting things cleared out of there as well. There were three sets of those plastic shelves in there with tools and all kinds of other things on them, and they have now all been cleared and moved to the basement. Well, the shelves have; there are still a few boxes of things that need to get moved out, but still, it was a good start. I also finished sealing all of the tile in the bathroom.

Yesterday was a bit crazy, though. We went to Firefly’s brother’s house for her niece’s birthday party. It’s always a really uncomfortable time that makes me grumpy and tense before we even go. It’s the first time she’s seen or talked to him since January–and also the first time she met her youngest niece, who was born just after that interaction. Firefly was invited to the party through email. I wasn’t, of course; it’s an intentional slight that happens with any family function they hold. He still doesn’t know she’s pregnant, even after yesterday. They didn’t even notice–which I’m sure of because she was offered wine by her sister-in-law, which would not have happened if they had. We didn’t feel that was the appropriate time or place to tell them, and they’ve made it pretty clear that they don’t consider me part of the family, don’t approve of anything we do, and don’t want to be involved in our lives any more than they absolutely have to–which frankly is fine with me–which does not foster a desire in us to make sure that they’re aware of the goings-on in our lives. He’s already declared that he is not an uncle to any child of mine, and I am not an aunt to his children. Since any children that we have, as far as we are concerned, are ours regardless of who carries them it makes us much less inclined to make sure that he’s in the know, as bad as that might be. He’s already disowned them.


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