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what an up and down day.

I was feeling really sick this morning, and after trying to eat lunch but only being able to stomach two slices of cantaloupe I headed home. I tried to lie in bed with Firefly and rest, but ended up in the bathroom. I actually felt a little better after that and was able to sleep for a few hours. We made a pizza (which is one of my comfort foods, and she had even got mushrooms at the store for me even though she hates them), and I was able to eat that. I dozed some more on her shoulder while she watched a show on mummies, and then Bennder stopped by.

She volunteers every summer for a week-long camp for kids who are affected by AIDS–some are positive, some have family members who are–and was borrowing some things from Firefly to show them. While she was here we decided to take advantage of it and she helped us move the futon from the future nursery into my office. I still need to do some rearranging in here, but the only things left in the nursery that need to come out are some tools that we need to take to the basement, a box of things for a yard sale at a friend’s house in a few weeks, and everything that’s still in the closet that we haven’t moved into our nice new one yet.

We really wanted to get our bedroom ready for painting by this weekend, but I’m thinking it’ll be more like the end of the weekend before we’re ready. We’re also hoping to finalize the paint color for the nursery and maybe, just maybe, actually start registering for things other than the bedding set we like and a few other small random items. Especially since Firefly’ best friend, who is organizing a shower in her hometown with Firefly’s mom, called today to ask some questions about things. Oops. At least it’s not until October, right?


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