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27 weeks

Firefly is exactly 27 weeks today, and it is the official start of the third trimester (well, depending on who you listen to or read, but we’re going with it). We celebrated by going and getting a good start on one of our registries. We spent a couple of hours at the store before deciding we had hit our max.

We also did some things around the house this morning, crossing a few more items off of our list of to-dos. I talked to our electrician as well about some work we need done in my office and the nursery. Nothing major, just rewiring to separate some outlets from switches and taking care of some problems with the overhead lights in my office and the nursery. Our house has low-voltage wiring, which makes things a bit complicated. We’ve been upgrading as we go through projects, and since the overhead lights in both rooms are working sporadically (probably a problem with the relays that supply power), we figure we should get it taken care of now while we’ve got the room empty and before we paint in case they have to open up a wall–they shouldn’t, but you never know. He’ll be coming out week after next to get it done, and it should only take a day or two.

In other pre-baby preparation, we’re scheduled for a tour of the hospital where the monkey will be born, and are signed up for baby care basics and childbirth classes. More things checked off!

We had a lovely date night today as well, going out for dinner and then to the circus! It was a good time, although Firefly’s back was hurting a little by the end of the show. Afterward Firefly was thirsty and wanted something really cold to drink, so we stopped off to get slushes on the way home. It was quite an enjoyable evening. Now I think we’re going to relax on the couch for a bit before heading to bed.


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