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hello again.

Well, we’re back home from the family wedding this weekend–or I am, at least, as Firefly is off to work tonight.

It was an eventful weekend. Firefly’s brother was taken to the hospital last Wednesday and discovered to have a blood clot in his leg. Firefly called him on Friday morning to see how he was and to extend an offer to help if he needed anything, and while they were talking she told him about the baby. She decided she wanted to tell him before this weekend even though he wasn’t going to be at the wedding, because his wife and daughters were and she wanted him to hear it from her. He took it pretty well, extending congratulations although he was a bit taken aback. I’m still glad I didn’t have to be there, honestly.

I headed home from work a little early Friday afternoon, taking the time I had worked over earlier in the week. Firefly and I finished packing up, then headed out of town. We got dinner and one of my favorite places before making it to our final destination of her best friend’s house. They’ve been close since high school, so there’s always fun times to be had.

Especially when her husband drives into our car while it’s parked in their driveway. Oops. We had parked near the end so that they could get out in either vehicle. He said he even looked in his mirror and made a note to watch out for us, then looked at something in the garage and next thing he knew our bumper was banged up and he had a hole in his. We’re hoping it doesn’t cost too much to repair. We’re going to try to take it to the shop and get a quote. We’d like to try to avoid doing it through insurance so their rates don’t get jacked.

After that excitement they put their kids to bed and the four of us stayed up having a few drinks (well, except Firefly. Good thing she’s amused by us. Or really me) and playing euchre until late. We tied it up at two apiece before calling it a night.

We woke pretty early in the morning and watched said friend run around like crazy trying to find their daughter’s ID thing for the county fair, which was supposed to get her entry to show her dog that afternoon. The two of them headed out, and we got ready to head to the wedding. I had forgotten my purse (although I had everything that was supposed to go in it), so we stopped to buy a new one and get lunch on the way. The server asked us if we were on our way to the fair, which we thought was really odd since we were both dressed up. We told him that no, we were in fact going to a wedding that afternoon. He went off to get out drinks, and when he came back he asked Firefly if it was her wedding. Um. No. Very odd.

The wedding itself was lovely, and it was nice for Firefly to catch up with some family–some of whom I had actually never met. We got some congratulations and a comment from one of her aunts about her mother not showing much, either. Sister-in-law made sure to congratulate Firefly, while not looking at me at all–although she did ask us both a lot of questions later so we’ll see how things play out.

We headed back to her best friend’s house after the reception, spent a little time with the friend’s husband and son and tried to figure out what we were doing. They had offered to let us stay there again, but we were on a moderately uncomfortable futon, Firefly’s back was hurting, and her parents had asked if we’d like to stay with them for the night. The friend was still at the fair–or rather had gone back to the fair–so we decided to pack up our things and head to Firefly’s parents’ place after calling to make sure it was still alright.

Her mom told us that her dad had already gone to bed, but by the time we got there he was back up to spend some time with us. We all sat up talking for a few hours, and her mom ended up turning in early, leaving Firefly and her dad to tell me all kinds of stories about the family. Firefly says this is a very good sign that he considers me part of it.

We decided to go to church with them this morning and stayed for lunch, then ended up staying until around 4:30 while I helped show her mom how to do some things on their new laptop that she was having trouble with and Firefly chatted with her dad.

When we got home I puttered around for a bit, then went into the bedroom where Firefly was resting. I put my head and hand on her belly and felt the baby moving for a while, which is so amazing.

See? Eventful!


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