other events.

Hey, you know what we did on Saturday? Besides make a cake for Dawn and go to her graduation party?

We went on a tour of the maternity center at the hospital. Can I just say it was so amazing and I’m so glad that we’re going with this hospital? Besides the facts that it is the closest hospital to our house, in between our house and Firefly’s work, and on the way into town for her parents, it’s also the newest hospital in the city.

Have you ever been to a hospital that doesn’t use its intercom system? It is so quiet it’s unbelievable. The staff all have these little things on their lapels that they get paged through individually. Your call button in your room goes directly to the nurse assigned to you, so when you page it goes to them immediately. Pretty cool!

Also, the labor and delivery area and the mothers and infants area both have an outdoor garden. If you’re not on bedrest, you can actually get up and go out there while you’re laboring to get fresh air–although I’m not sure Firefly will be able to since it will be November and all. Your family can also go out there for some fresh air–and to give you a break, heh.

All the labor/delivery suites have a pull out couch, a television, a restroom with a huge shower, and a small refrigerator for labor partners. They also have a warming table so they can check baby out right away and then put him right on your chest for kangaroo care. They are all about kangaroo care. They also have a midwife on staff, so if your doctor is late or isn’t able to get there right away you can have the midwife work with you until she does.

And, this is one of the best parts I think: there is no transitional room. When you go to your room, baby goes with you, right from labor and delivery into the mothers and infants area. They weigh and measure baby and give him his first bath right at your bedside. They’ve also got the rooms arranged so that they can pull two curtains and you’re totally private with the doctor or nurse, so they don’t have to kick your family out every time they come in to check on things and they don’t have to squeeze through the crowd of family. They also have pull out sleeper sofas and a large bathroom, as well as a TV, and all the areas have WiFi so I’ll be able to update  right away! If, of course, I’m not too distracted by my beautiful wife and son. I’ll do what I can.


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  1. 1 Suze September 4, 2009 at 10:47 am

    What hospital was this? 🙂

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